Eminent Conchologists


Over time the Society has published biographical details of eminent conchologists. The various accounts have been collated here:




Lionel Ernest Adams, 1854–1945  
John Armitage, 1900–1996
Francis de Bartolomé, 1917–2000 Francis de Bartolome
Paul Bartsch, 1871–1960 Paul Bartsch
Rudolph Bergh, 1824–1909 Rudolph Bergh
Herbert Biggs, 1895–1976 Herbert Biggs
Harry Bloomer, 1866–1960 Harry Bloomer
Arthur E Boycott, 1877–1938 Arthur E. Boycott
Papers published by A.E. Boycott
Captain Thomas Brown, 1785–1862  

Concerning Captain Thomas Brown, a note by A. E. Ellis

Jean-Guillaume Bruguière, 1749–1798  
The Conchological Collections of Bruguière and Olivier from the Ottoman Empire (1792-1798).
The voyage to the Ottoman Empire (1792-1798).
The taxa described from the collections of Olivier from the Ottoman Empire (1792-1798).
List of types collected from the Ottoman Empire (1792-1798).
Philip G. Cambridge, 1918–1993 Philip Cambridge
Philip Pearsall Carpenter, 1819–1877 Philip Carpenter
Theodore Dru Alison Cockerell, 1866–1948  
William Pennington Cocks, 1791–1878 William P. Cocks
James Eddowes Cooper, 1864–1952  

Papers published by James Cooper


Emanuel Mendes da Costa, 1717–1791  
Terry Crowley, 1915–1999 Terry Crowley
Scientific papers published by Terry Crowley
New species published by Terry Crowley
Stella Davies, 1927–2008 Photo of Stella Davies
Papers published by Stella Davies
Captain Cyril Diver, C.B., C.B.E., 1892–1969 Cyril Diver
Tribute by Sir Julian Huxley
Appreciation by Professor A. J. Cain
Addenda by Editor (N. F. McMillan)
Arthur E. Ellis, 1902–1983 Arthur Ellis
Biographical notes
An appraisal by Terry Crowley
Publications by Arthur E. Ellis
John Gwynne Evans, 1941–2005
Scientific papers published by John Evans
Lothar Forcart, 1902–1990  
Roger Fresco-Corbu, 1912–1999  
Vera Fretter, 1905–1992 Vera Fretter
Charles J. Gabriel, 1879–1963 Charles Gabriel
Alan Poole Gardiner, 1871–1951  
Silvanus C. T. Hanley, 1819–1899  

Molluscan taxa proposed by Silvanus Hanley
List of publications by Silvanus Hanley
Taxa named in honour of Silvanus Hanley


Charles David Heginbothom, 1874–1950  
David Heppell, 1937–2004 David Heppell
Scientific papers published by David Heppell
James Hornell, 1865 – 1949  
William Hunter, 1718–1783, and
John Hunter, 1728–1793
J. Wilfrid Jackson, 1880–1978 J. Wilfrid Jackson
John Gwyn Jeffreys, 1809–1885 John Gwyn Jeffreys
Bibliography of J. G. Jeffreys
Reviews by J. G. Jeffreys
David Henry Keen, 1947–2006 Photo of David Keen
Bibliography of papers published by David Keen
Alfred S. Kennard, 1870–1948 Alfred S. Kennard
Frank F. Laidlaw, 1876–1963 Frank Laidlaw
New mollusca taxa published by F. F. Laidlaw
Bibliography of F. F. Laidlaw
Georg Mandahl-Barth, 1910–1994  

Publications by G. Mandahl-Barth on the Mollusca
Molluscan taxa proposed by G. Mandahl-Barth


Hazel Maureen Meredith, 1932–2014
Charles Herbert Moore, 1869–1947  
Robert Henson Moses, 1871–1949.  
John (or Jacob?) Neilson, 1705(?)–1785  
Charles Oldham, 1868–1942 Charles Oldham
Additional note by A. E. Salisbury
Additional note by L. E. Adams
Guillaume-Antoine Olivier, 1756–1814 Guillaume-Antoine Olivier
The Conchological Collections of Bruguière and Olivier from the Ottoman Empire (1792-1798).
The voyage to the Ottoman Empire (1792-1798).
The taxa described from the collections of Olivier from the Ottoman Empire (1792-1798).
Types described from the collections by Olivier from the Ottoman Empire (1792-1798).
Thomas Pain 1915–2003 Tom Pain
Scientific papers published by Tom Pain
New taxa introduced by Tom Pain
Alfred J. Peile, 1868–1948  
Robert A. Phillips, 1866–1945  
Arthur Pond, 1705–1758  
Hamilton E. Quick, 1882–1967 H. E. Quick
List of papers published by H. E. Quick
Albert E. Salisbury, 1876–1964 A. E. Salisbury
Papers published by A. E. Salisbury
Species named in honour of A. E. Salisbury.
Franz A. Schilder, 1896–1970 Franz Schilder
Kathleen R. Smythe, 1923–1991 Kathleen Smythe
Bibliography of papers published by K. R. Smythe
Species described by K. R. Smythe
Bruce W. Sparks, 1923–1988  

Bibliography of papers published by B. W. Sparks


George C. Spence, 1875–1945  
Papers published by G. C. Spence
Type material in the collection of G. C. Spence
Editorial note by J. R. le B. Tomlin
Arthur W. Stelfox, 1883–1972 Arthur Stelfox
An appreciation by A. E. Ellis
Preface to the Pisidium monograph
Genetical studies
List of conchological papers
Leonard W. Stratton, 1900–1971 Leonard Stratton
Publications by L. W. Stratton

Arthur Goodwin Stubbs, 1871–1950.


Isaac Swainson, 1746–1812  
Fred Taylor, 1871–1949. Fred Taylor
Editorial Note
William Thurgood, 1876–1949.  
John R. le B. Tomlin, 1864–1954 John R. le B. Tomlin
List of new molluscan names proposed by J. R. le B. Tomlin

William Harry Turton, 1856–1938.


Bernard Verdcourt (1925-2011): An appreciation and obituary. Bernard Verdcourt
Malacological names introduced by Bernard Verdcourt
Malacological publications by Bernard Verdcourt
Rodger Waterston, 1912–1996  
List of conchological papers published by
A. Rodger Waterston
Hugh Watson, 1885–1959 Hugh Watson
An Appreciation – by Hugh Ingram
Hugh Watson – by Bernard Verdcourt
Harold C. Winckworth, 1878–1947  

Papers published by H. C. Winckworth


Ronald Winckworth, 1884–1950  
New generic names proposed by R. Winckworth
New specific names proposed by R. Winckworth
Species named in honour of R. Winckworth
John Zachary Young, 1907–1997 J.Z.Young