Terms and conditions

The copyright of the Conchological Society website rests with the Conchological Society of Great Britain and Ireland.  Unless specified below, the website (or part thereof) may not be copied, reproduced, or duplicated without the permission of the Society. 


Use of Conchological Society Information

The Conchological Society aims to make information on molluscs freely available over the Web. Therefore, information provided by the Conchological Society website (the TEXT ONLY) is made publicly available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.
NOTE that images and other media featured on this website are each governed by their own copyright and terms (see below) and they may or may not be available for reuse.
In summary - individuals and organizations may:
  • use the information provided in your own private use or for use in the ordinary course of your business (non-commercial);
  • use the information to support your own research (non-commercial);
  • use the information in the preparation of educational materials for schools and the public;
Provided that:
  • all uses comply with these terms and conditions;
  • the source of the information, i.e. the Conchological Society, is fully attributed (including citation and URL), and that
  • the Conchological Society is informed of the use of the information.
Individuals and organizations may NOT:
  • download or print the content, or extracts from it, in a systematic or regular manner or otherwise so as to create a database in electronic or paper form comprising all or part of the content that appears on our website; nor
  • copy, duplicate or otherwise reproduce any or all of the content for uses not explicitly stated in these terms and conditions without the express permission of the Conchological Society.
Content is deemed to include all written materials, illustrations (including maps) and code.

Commercial use

Anyone wishing to use the content of the Conchological Society website for, or in, any commercial endeavour must request permission. Please contact to webmaster@conchsoc.org.

Attribution (or citation)

All users of the information or other content of the Conchological Society website must correctly attribute the source of the information.
Where an author is given, for example in our Encyclopedia the web page(s) may be cited as follows, indicating the author name, year of last update, title, citation date and that it is available on the Conchological Society website.
Smith, I.F., 2012. Coryphella-browni. Conchological Society of Great Britain and Ireland. [cited 14/1/2012]. Available from: http://www.conchsoc.org/spaccount/Coryphella-browni
Where no author is given, then the website as a whole must be cited:
Conchological Society of Great Britain and Ireland, 2012. [cited 01/01/12]. Available from: www.conchsoc.org
In addition, we ask that websites that refer to or use our information provide a link (URL) to our website. Please let us know, so that we can consider providing a reciprocal link.
Please direct any questions regarding use of the Conchological Society information to webmaster@conchsoc.org.


Neither the Copyright holder nor any other person involved in the Conchological Society gives any warrant or undertakings as to or accepts liability for the accuracy and currency of the data and images published on this site or any other purpose to which the data, information and images may be used.


Use of Images

By contributing images to ConchSoc, the owners of those images have agreed to their use on the ConchSoc website. Contributors retain the copyright of their images. 
Images MAY be used:
  • In personal, educational, non-for-profit papers and presentations on a single use basis, e.g. to illustrate schools reports, university student papers, posters and/or presentations.
  • Provided that users acknowledge the photographer/copyright holder and that the image was published on the ConchSoc website. For example "Image: © Steve Wilkinson (published on the Conch. Soc. website)"
Images MUST NOT be used:
  • for any commercial purpose, or
  • for any purpose resulting in wide dissemination, e.g. in other websites (educational or otherwise), leaflets, promotional brochures or public displays (including educational displays) or public reports..
If images are required for commercial purposes or for wide dissemination, the image provider MUST be contacted for permission via the website master at (webmaster@conchsoc.org). 


The Conchological Society reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice. It is the user's responsibility to ensure that they comply with our terms and conditions at the time of use and on each subsequent use.