Natural History Museum at Craster

The Natural History Museum is part of a road-house restaurant at 'THE CHOUGHS', CRASTER,'ALNWICK, NORTHUMBERLAND. The museum is set off in a private room and was started after the owner, Mr. C. St. M. DAWSON (one of our members) had visited and collected in Australia and New Zealand and other islands on a world-wide trip in 1958- The accent is on mollusca and corals in illuminated display cases, all accurately named. Some shells are made up for table decorations and as shell jewellry and ornaments for sale as souvenirs.

The public is admitted free to the museum without obligation to use the restaurant which serves morning coffees, light luncheons, teas and suppers.

'The Choughs' is six miles from the A1 at Alnwick, close to Dunstanburgh Castle and Embleton Bay (at which over 40 species of marine shells have been found).

Buses: United Bus No 51 four times daily from Alnwick to the coast. In summer, United Bus No. 29 to Craster from Newcastle-on-Tyne.

Members of the Conchological Society are invited to call if in the vicinity and make themselves known to the proprietor, Mr. C. St. M. Dawson.