Littoral Rock

Further information on where to look -  Rocky shores contain an enormous variety of habitats and microhabitats. Before exploring it is worth finding out more about exactly where and how to search for molluscs here.

Very exposed rocky shore

exposed rocky shoresOpen shores with a vertical or strongly sloping profile, subject to considerable wave action. Characterised by a wide splash zone, many crevices, low algal diversity.

Associated species include:

Semi-exposed rocky shore

semi-exposed rocky shoresLess open than the above with a shallower slope and a greater diversity of algae including fucoids, Cladophora and Corallina. Still subject to moderately strong wave action. Often with large rocks. Undersides of rocks often colonised by bryozoans and serpulids.

Associated species include:

Sheltered rocky shores

sheltered rocky shore habitatOften has extensive ledge systems with low wave action. Contains many pools, crevices and overhangs, and a high diversity of algae and other animals.

The fauna includes many of the species from the list for semi-exposed shores but less of the species on the exposed shore list. The additional fauna is almost endless depending on the degree of shelter and overall species richness of the site, however, the following are typical:–