Field Meeting List


Field meetings are one of the important activities of the Conchological Society, being regularly recorded from the birth of the Society in 1876. The findings of many of the meetings have been written up in the various Society publications, although many never seem to have been documented.

I have on occasions been asked if field meetings have been held in a particular area, especially when members are considering where to hold new meetings (Table 1). This Excel file lists meetings since the commencement of the Conchologists’ Newsletter (CN) in January 1961, but is not complete for the following reasons.

From January 1961 until the end of 1989, when the Newsletter moved from large to small format, meetings are only listed when there is a report in the Newsletter. Many other meetings were held, but the listing of these was very intermittent, and, with hindsight, there is no method of determining if a meeting was actually held. And reports of meeting are sporadic. In the 1960s and early 1970s there are numerous reports, but from the mid-1970s reports are very few – only one reported in each of the years 1974, 1975, 1977, 1979, 1982 and 1990 and none at all in 1984! Therefore during the period from 1961 to 1989 only those meetings with reports are listed. Many reports did not name the leader (although probably the author of the report), and many reports to not name the author.

With the commencement of the small Newsletter format in 1990, both announcements of meetings and reports became more regular, and the listing now includes both scheduled and reported field meetings. Listing of the former may be of some use, as many of the organisers are still alive, and it is possible that some may still possess records of their findings should new organisers wish to know what was observed.

Mollusc World (MW), when it started in 2002, routinely listed planned meetings but regrettably still only half of scheduled meetings resulted in a report in the magazine – there is a dearth of reports for meetings held in 2013 and 2014, for instance. I say ‘regrettable’ as without a report the value of a meeting is much diminished, in that the findings are likely to be lost forever. However, the ‘upside’ is that findings may still have been reported to the relevant marine or non-marine recorders and therefore documented on the Society database and then on to the National Biodiversity Network database.

It is hoped that this listing may be of value to those planning meetings. It is often useful to know where and when meetings have previously been held in a particular area, and what was found. If any member wishes to consult the report of a meeting but does not have access to the relevant issue of the Newsletter or Mollusc World, I would be pleased to send them copies if they contact me. And, if you do hold a meeting please do consider writing a report so that others can benefit from your findings.

Tom Walker

Please note that the full table with details of where to find the reports in the Conchologists' Newsletter or Mollusc World, can be found in the Excel file linked to here and above.

Table 1: Field Meeting List (1960 - 2021)
(M = Marine, NM = Non-Marine)
Date M or NM Place County
27/11/1960 nm Box Hill Surrey
16/04/1961 fossil + m Walton-on-the-Naze Essex
24/03/1962 fossil + m West Runtion and Overstrand Norfolk
07/04/1962 m Shell Bay, Sandbanks Dorset
15/07/1962 nm White Downs, Dorking Surrey
25/08/1962 nm Amberley Wild Brooks West Sussex
21/10/1962 nm Epping Forest Essex
09/03/1963 fossil Bramerton Norfolk
09/05/1964 nm Norbury Park, Mickleham Surrey
20/06/1964 nm Leith Hill, Dorking Surrey
26/07/1964 nm Albury Surrey
24/10/1964 nm Sandling and Hythe Kent
28/03/1965 fossil Folkestone Kent
03/04/1965 nm Norbury Park, Mickleham Surrey
01/05/1965 nm Guide Bridge, Manchester Lancashire
16/05/1965 m Pegwell Bay Kent
13/06/1965 fossil River Cray Kent
26/06/1965 nm River Meden, Thoresby Park Nottinghamshire
03/07/1965 nm Atherton Lancashire
21/08/1965 nm Gorton, Manchester Lancashire
02/10/1965 nm Worden Park, Layland Lancashire
23/10/1965 nm Shropshire Union Canal, Beeston Castle Cheshire
13/03/1966 fossil Cleeve Hill, Cheltenham Gloucestershire
02/04/1966 nm Box Hill Surrey
17/04/1966 nm Barnes Bridge London - south-west
30/04/1966 nm Plumley Nature Reserve Cheshire
07/05/1966 nm Warrington Lancashire
14/05/1966 nm Peak Forest Canal, Marple Cheshire
21/05/1966 nm Pendleton Lancashire
20/08/1966 nm Shropshire Union Canal, Chester Cheshire
03/09/1966 nm Macclesfield Canal, Congleton Cheshire
01/10/1966 nm Buntingford Hertfordshire
08/10/1966 nm Leeds and Liverpool Canal Lancashire
16/10/1966 nm Sonning Common and Nettlebed Oxfordshire
14/01/1967 nm Cotterill Clough Nature Reserve Cheshire
24/02/1967 nm Ainsdale dunes and shore Lancashire
25/02/1967 m Southport shore Lancashire
11/03/1967 m Sandwich Kent
23/03/1967 nm Stonehouse Gloucestershire
23/03/1967 nm + m West Kirby Cheshire
06/05/1967 nm Aston Firs and Ashby Canal, Basin Bridge Leicestershire
18/06/1967 nm Heysham Harbour Lancashire
09/09/1967 nm Chipping Lancashire
16/09/1967 nm Pitsford Northamptonshire
22/10/1967 nm Basingstoke Hampshire
28/10/1967 m Southport shore Lancashire
06/04/1968 nm Speke and Hale Lancashire
27/04/1968 nm Loddington Reddish, East Norton and Nevill Holt Park Leicestershire
11/05/1968 m Fairhaven and Marston Mere Lancashire
08/08/1968 nm Faversham Kent
22/09/1968 nm Roade, Stoke Bruerne and River Nene Northamptonshire
05/10/1968 nm Ruyton Lancashire
24/11/1968 nm Huyton and Knowsley Park Lancashire
13/04/1969 nm Shropshire Union Canal, Chester Cheshire
20/04/1969 m Southport Lancashire
09/05/1969 nm + m Charmouth and Lyme Regis Dorset
10/05/1969 nm Holden Clough, Oldham Lancashire
14/06/1969 nm Tatton Park Cheshire
28/06/1969 nm Ainsdale NR Lancashire
13/07/1969 nm Dover Kent
17/08/1969 nm Keyhaven Hampshire
06/09/1969 nm Claughton, Garstang Lancashire
20/09/1969 nm Plantation Farm, Chaigley Lancashire
25/10/1969 nm Chippenham Wiltshire
11/04/1970 nm River Fender, Prenton, Birkenhgead Lancashire
19/04/1970 nm + m Rufford (Leeds & Liverpool Canal) and Southport Lancashire
09/05/1970 nm Porton Down Wiltshire
28/05/1970 nm White Bog, Killough Co. Down, N. Ireland
06/06/1970 nm Dimminsdale NR, Calke and Breedon on the Hill Leicestershire
19/06/1970 m Swanage (2 days) Dorset
10/10/1970 nm Romiley Cheshire
18/10/1970 nm Hampshire Downs, Newbury Hampshire
20/03/1971 m South Lancashire coast Lancashire
23/03/1971 m South Lancashire coast Lancashire
17/04/1971 m South Lancashire coast Lancashire
17/04/1971 nm Hetchell Woods NR, Thorner and Grass Woods (2 days) Yorkshire, West
21/05/1971 m West Pembrokeshire (3 days) Pembrokeshire
26/06/1971 nm Ainsdale NR Lancashire
11/12/1971 m Southport Lancashire
14/05/1972 nm Millersdale Derbyshire
27/05/1972 m Sandwich Kent
15/07/1972 nm Leighton Moss NR, Silverdale Lancashire
26/08/1972 nm Cramhill Flash and Trent + Mersey Canal Cheshire
02/09/1972 nm Highgate Cemetery London - north
21/10/1972 m Southport Lancashire
22/10/1972 nm Basingstoke area Hampshire
11/11/1972 nm St Helens Lancashire
05/01/1973 m Majorca (4 days) Majorca, Spain
24/03/1973 m Weymouth (dredging) Dorset
14/04/1973 m Southport Lancashire
05/05/1973 nm Chipping Norton, Preston Lancashire
16/06/1973 nm Weaver Grove Farm, Winsford Cheshire
14/07/1973 nm Moston rubbish Tip, Manchester Lancashire
01/09/1973 nm Duddon Heath and Shropshire Union Canal Cheshire
21/10/1973 nm Burnham Beeches Buckinghamshire
20/10/1974 nm Maulden Wood, Ampthill Bedfordshire
26/09/1975 m Gower Peninsula (2 days) Glamorgan
28/03/1976 m Dunbar, Tynighame, Polton, Roslin East Lothian
08/05/1976 m Solent (2 days) Hampshire
17/07/1976 nm Reeth, Arkengarthdale Yorkshire, North
15/10/1977 m Yorkshire Coast: Filey Brigg, Scarborough (2 days) Yorkshire, North
06/05/1978 m Rhosilli, Gower (2 days) Glamorgan
14/10/1978 m Lytham St Anne's Lancashire
04/05/1979 nm Sunbiggin Tarn, Orton Cumbria
12/04/1980 m Llanddulasm Abergale Clwyd
27/04/1980 nm Selborne Hampshire
09/05/1981 m Camber Sands East Sussex
28/06/1981 nm Flitwick Moor Bedfordshire
20/06/1982 m Isle of Skye (6 days) Highlands and Islands
01/10/1983 nm Flitwick Moor Bedfordshire
12/11/1983 m Weymouth Bay and Portland Harbour Dorset
05/02/1985 m Weymouth area (4 days) Dorset
16/06/1985 m Weymouth (dredging) Dorset
27/07/1985 fossil + m Folkestone Kent
28/09/1985 nm Glatting Farm, Sutton West Sussex
26/04/1986 nm mid-Gloucestershire Gloucestershire
21/06/1986 m Weymouth area (2 days) Dorset
27/06/1987 m Weymouth (dredging) (2 days) Dorset
24/10/1987 nm Frith Wood, Painswick and Chedworth Gloucestershire
25/06/1988 m Weymouth (dredging) Dorset
24/09/1988 m + nm Swanage (3 days) Dorset
08/10/1988 fossils, nm + m Alderton and Shingle Street Suffolk
16/04/1989 nm Coed-y-Bedw NR and Ogmore Down Glamorgan
09/09/1989 m Weymouth (dredging) (2 days) Dorset
21/10/1989 m Porlock, Croyde Bay, and area (2 days) Devonshire
07/07/1990 nm Rosewood, Axbridge and Black Rock Gate Somerset
23/03/1991 nm Cotswold Common and Beechwoods NNR Gloucestershire
13/04/1991 m Whitecliff Bay Isle of Wight
03/05/1991 nm Lake District (3 days) Cumbria
01/06/1991 m Weymouth area (dredging) Dorset
27/09/1991 m Porlock Weir (3 days) Somerset
02/11/1991 nm Burnham Beeches, Slough Berkshire
27/05/1992 nm Pewsey Wiltshire
20/06/1992 m Weymouth (2 days) Dorset
04/07/1992 m Pembrokeshire (4 days) Pembrokeshire
25/09/1992 nm + m Scarborough (5 days) Yorkshire, North
01/11/1992 nm Rushmore Common NR, Dorking Surrey
06/03/1993 nm Kew Gardens Surrey
03/04/1993 nm + fossil Chinnor and Sydings Copse Oxfordshire
08/05/1993 nm Petworth West Sussex
05/06/1993 nm Penrith, Sunbigging Tarn, and area (2 days) Westmoreland
26/06/1993 m Avon Levels Somerset
10/07/1993 nm Wicken Fen Cambridgeshire
24/07/1993 nm Poole Bay (dredging) Dorset
18/08/1993 m Oban area (5 days) Argyll
18/09/1993 m South Devon, Torquay to Plymouth (2 days) Devonshire
23/10/1993 nm Thatcham Berkshire
23/04/1994 nm + fossil Northcot Brick & Tile Works and Blockley area Gloucestershire
14/05/1994 nm Hay-on-Wye and area (2 days) Radnorshire
04/06/1994 nm South Downs West Sussex
26/06/1994 nm + m Anglesey (4 days) Gwynedd
16/07/1994 m Poole Bay (dredging) Dorset
21/08/1994 m Ramsgate area Kent
05/09/1994 m Guernsey, Sark, Herm (7 days) Channel Islands
05/10/1994 m + nm Alnwick to Berwick (5 days) Northumberland
15/10/1994 nm River Lambourn, Newbury Berkshire
25/03/1995 fossil Barton-on-sea Hampshire
14/05/1995 m Studland Bay Dorset
03/06/1995 nm Godlaming Surrey
24/06/1995 nm Sawbridgeworth Marsh SSSI Hertfordshire
12/07/1995 m South Cornwall (5 days) Cornwall
04/08/1995 nm Yorkshire Dales (3 days) Yorkshire, North
23/09/1995 nm Birdlip and Cirencester area Gloucestershire
14/10/1995 nm Skeffington Wood and Tifton Cutting Leicestershire
20/04/1996 fossil Isle of Wight (2 days) Isle of Wight
25/05/1996 nm Tilford area Surrey
26/06/1996 m St Brieuc to Roscoff (11 days) Brittany, France
27/07/1996 nm Malham Yorkshire, North
27/07/1996 nm Norfolk Broads Norfolk
30/08/1996 nm Street and Bridgwater areas (2 days) Somerset
19/10/1996 nm Highgate Wood, Queens Wood London - north
19/04/1997 nm Hampstead Heath London - north
01/06/1997 m South-east Cornwall (7 days) Cornwall
28/06/1997 nm Arun, nr Pulborough West Sussex
19/07/1997 nm + m North Wales coast (2 days) Caernarfonshire
28/09/1997 nm Woodley area, Reading Berkshire
08/11/1997 nm Blockley Quarry Gloucestershire
27/02/1998 nm Barnes Wetland Centre London - south-west
14/03/1998 nm Buckden Yorkshire, North
18/04/1998 nm South Somerset (3 days) Somerset
23/05/1998 nm Durham area (3 days) Co. Durham
12/06/1998 m Torquay area (3 days) Devonshire
04/07/1998 nm Mottisfont Estate Hampshire
18/07/1998 nm Newbury area Berkshire
08/08/1998 nm + m Fishguard area (3 days) Pembrokeshire
20/09/1998 m Jersey (7 days) Channel Islands
14/10/1998 nm Ashstead Common and Woods Surrey
17/10/1998 nm North Downs: Box Hill and Colley Hill Surrey
28/10/1998 nm Reading area Berkshire
27/02/1999 nm Barnes London - south-west
20/03/1999 nm Windsor Forest Berkshire
24/04/1999 nm Wye Valley Woods Gloucestershire
15/05/1999 nm Cuckmere Valley East Sussex
21/05/1999 nm North Lancashire & South Cumbria Lancashire/Cumbria
13/06/1999 nm River Itchen, Winchester Hampshire
03/07/1999 nm Market Weston Fen Suffolk
24/07/1999 nm Colne Point Essex
21/08/1999 fossil + m Herne Bay Kent
23/09/1999 m Isles of Scilly (8 days) Isles of Scilly
09/10/1999 nm Wicken Fen Cambridgeshire
31/03/2000 fossil Isle of Wight (2 days) Isle of Wight
12/05/2000 nm Igleton area, Yorkshire Dales (3 days) Yorkshire, North
10/06/2000 nm Kington area (2 days) Herefordshire
01/07/2000 nm River Wey, Shalford Surrey
29/07/2000 nm Grand Union Canal Hertfordshire
30/07/2000 nm Coley Farm, Reading Berkshire
02/09/2000 nm Quiddenham Mere Norfolk
17/09/2000 nm Moor Park NR, Waverley Surrey
27/09/2000 m Barnstaple area (5 days) Devon/Somerset
31/03/2001 fossil Barton-on-sea Hampshire
19/05/2001 nm Morden Hall Park London - south
09/06/2001 nm Sydenham Hill Wood & Dulwich Wood London - south-east
09/06/2001 nm Ightham Mote Kent
23/06/2001 m Kimmeridge Bay Dorset
28/07/2001 nm Gloucester-Sharpness Canal Gloucestershire
16/09/2001 m Fife Coast (6 days) Fife
23/03/2002 fossil + m Walton-on-the-Naze Essex
18/05/2002 nm Sandwich Kent
15/06/2002 nm Knepp and Pepper Mill NR Worcestershire
20/07/2002 nm Loch Skeen, Moffat Dumfries-shire
21/09/2002 nm SK76 square: Laxton area Nottinghamshire
06/10/2002 m Godrevy and area, North Cornwall (5 days) Cornwall
26/03/2003 fossil Northcot Brick and Tile Co., Blockley Gloucestershire
05/04/2003 nm Hampshire Hangers Hampshire
14/05/2003 m + nm Isle of Arran (5 days) Ayr
31/05/2003 nm Old Sulehay Northamptonshire
21/06/2003 nm Knightwick (2 days) Worcestershire
12/07/2003 nm Winnall Moors, Winchester Hampshire
27/09/2003 m Exmouth area (2 days) Devonshire
11/10/2003 nm Ightham Mote Kent
05/05/2004 m Osmington Mills, Durlston Bay & area (4 days) Dorset
22/05/2004 nm Branscombe Devonshire
05/06/2004 m Sandwich Bay (2 days) Kent
12/06/2004 nm Southern New Forest Hampshire
26/06/2004 nm Wyre Forest (2 days) Worcestershire
12/07/2004 nm Winnall Moors, Winchester Hampshire
17/07/2004 nm Lower Windrush Valley Oxfordshire
24/09/2004 nm North York Moors (3 days) Yorkshire, North
09/10/2004 nm Kew Area London - south-west
12/03/2005 nm Pwyll-y-wrach Nature Reserve (2 days) Breconshire
02/04/2005 nm Wyre Forest Worcestershire
03/04/2005 nm Selby District Yorkshire, North
21/05/2005 nm Treswell Wood NR & Clareborough Tunnel NR Nottinghamshire
04/06/2005 nm Durham area (2 days) Co. Durham
25/06/2005 m Thanet (2 days) Kent
16/07/2005 nm Bristol & North Somerset Somerset
24/09/2005 m Bavelaw Marsh Midlothian
01/10/2005 nm Bredon Hill Worcestershire
22/10/2005 nm Angling Spring Wood & Ashfield Estate (2 days) Buckinghamshire
29/04/2006 m Anglesey and Lleyn Peninsula (4 days) Caernarvonshire
20/05/2006 nm Suckley Hills Worcestershire
04/06/2006 nm Harestanes, Jedburgh (2 days) Roxburghshire
24/06/2006 nm Greetwell Hollow and Whisby Nature Park Lincolnshire
08/07/2006 nm Stanford reservoir Leicestershire
16/09/2006 nm Wimbledon Common London - south west
30/09/2006 nm Bredon Hill Worcestershire
07/10/2006 m + fossil Bracklesham Bay West Sussex
24/03/2007 nm Ardingly West Sussex
28/04/2007 nm Stoke Wood, Albany Northamptonshire
19/05/2007 nm Littondale and Upper Wharfedale (2 days) Yorkshire, North
15/06/2007 m Rhossili, Gower (2 days)  Glamorgan
16/06/2007 nm River Loddon & Dinton Pastures, Earley, Reading Berkshire
09/09/2007 nm Pease Dean Berwickshire
15/09/2007 nm Beckingham Nottinghamshire
15/09/2007 nm Lincolnshire Lincolnshire
26/09/2007 m The Burren (4 days) Co. Clare, Ireland
13/10/2007 nm Suckley area Worcestershire
20/10/2007 nm Archenhills and Mill Coppice, Suckley Worcestershire
15/03/2008 nm Ightham Common Kent
05/04/2008 nm Broadway Hill Worcestershire
20/04/2008 fossil Isle of Wight Hampshire
17/05/2008 nm Thorpe Salvin Yorkshire, South
28/06/2008 nm Fens Pools, Brierley Hill West Midlands
05/07/2008 m Hunstanton Norfolk
11/07/2008 nm Sandford Mil Berkshire
11/07/2008 nm Loddon Bridge Berkshire
16/08/2008 m Fermanagh (2 days) Co. Fermanagh, N. Ireland
15/09/2008 m Lleyn Peninsula (4 days) Caernarfonshire
11/10/2008 nm Forest of Dean, Wye Valley (2 days) Gloucestershire
14/03/2009 nm Dartmoor and Sidmouth areas (2 days) Devon
28/03/2009 nm Dudley West Midlands
09/05/2009 nm + fossil Lower Smite Farm, Worcester Worcestershire
13/06/2009 nm Crab Wood and West Wood, Winchester Hampshire
04/07/2009 nm Kettlewell area Yorkshire, North
18/09/2009 m Isle of Skye (4 days) Argyll
24/10/2009 nm Sherwood Forest area Nottinghamshire
22/05/2010 nm Llandudno Caernarvonshire
12/06/2010 nm Flitwick Moor and Folly Wood Bedfordshire
26/06/2010 nm River Wey, Froyle Hampshire
03/07/2010 nm Brockadale Yorkshire, South
08/09/2010 m Isles of Scilly Cornwall
23/10/2010 nm Blackbury Camp, Southleigh (2 days) Devon
30/10/2010 nm Wyre Forest Worcestershire/Shropshire
19/03/2011 nm Flitwick Moor and Folly Wood Bedfordshire
17/04/2011 nm + m Titchfield Haven Hampshire
14/05/2011 nm Leeds and Liverpool Canal Yorkshire, West
21/05/2011 nm Dumfries woodland sites (2 days) Dumfries-shire
11/06/2011 nm Haugh Woods Herefordshire
09/07/2011 nm Kew area London - south-west
17/09/2011 nm Wyre Forest Worcestershire/Shropshire
26/09/2011 m South Connemara (5 days) Galway, Ireland
05/04/2012 m Guernsey (6 days) Guernsey, Channel Islands
21/04/2012 nm Downton Gorge Herefordshire
05/05/2012 m + nm Titchfield Haven Hampshire
19/05/2012 nm Rivelin valley, nr Sheffield Yorkshire, South
16/06/2012 nm Taff Gorge, Cardiff Glamorgan
30/06/2012 nm Winchester College Nature reserve and Itchen Valley Hampshire
16/09/2012 m South Pembrokeshire (4 days) Pembrokeshire
13/10/2012 nm Wyre Forest Worcestershire/Shropshire
03/11/2012 nm Bentnick Banks SSSI, Annesly Woodhouse Quarry Nottinghamshire
19/05/2013 nm Little Matlock Wood, Sheffield Yorkshire, South
08/06/2013 nm Codford Wiltshire
23/06/2013 m + nm Bracklesham Bay West Sussex
13/07/2013 nm Ducklow Ponds area Herefordshire
10/08/2013 m Chimney Rocks, Penzance Cornwall
20/08/2013 m Strangford Lough (7 days) Co. Down, N. Ireland
07/09/2013 m Woolacombe Devonshire
22/09/2013 nm Edmonsham House Dorset
12/10/2013 nm Wyre Forest Worcestershire/Shropshire
31/05/2014 nm + m Purbeck Coast Dorset
14/06/2014 m + nm Bournemouth Dorset
16/06/2014 m Lindisfarne Northumberland
28/06/2014 nm Avebury Wiltshire
12/07/2014 nm Moss Valley Woods, Sheffield Yorkshire, West
13/07/2014 m Chimney Rocks, Penzance Cornwall
14/07/2014 m Hannafore Point Cornwall
19/07/2014 nm Thatcham Berkshire
08/09/2014 m + nm Scarborough and area Yorkshire, North
18/09/2014 nm Wrest Park, Silsoe Bedfordshire
11/04/2015 nm Clee Hill village & Downton Gorge NNR Shropshire
13/06/2015 nm Gillfield Wood, Totley, Sheffield Yorkshire, South
17/06/2015 m + nm Godrevy Towans, Gwithian Cornwall
18/06/2015 m St Ives area Cornwall
27/06/2015 nm Wigmore Park, Luton Bedfordshire
29/06/2015 nm Thatcham Berkshire
01/08/2015 nm Perivale Wood London - west
26/09/2015 m Lleyn Peninsula & southern Anglesey (7 days) Caernarfonshire + Anglesey
09/04/2016 m + nm Harwich area Essex
10/04/2016 m Selwicks Bay Yorkshire, East
11/04/2016 nm Malvern Hills Worcestershire
23/04/2016 nm Brookwood Cemetery & Basingstoke Canal, Woking Surrey
08/05/2016 m Runswick Bay Yorkshire, North
18/06/2016 nm High Farm, Wilden Bedfordshire
03/07/2016 m + nm Lundy Bay Cornwall
24/07/2016 m Filey Yorkshire, East
07/08/2016 nm Lower Winskkill Farm, Settle Yorkshire, North
21/08/2016 m Sandsend Yorkshire, North
05/09/2016 m Boggle Hole, Whitby Yorkshire, North
10/09/2016 nm Aqulate Mere NNR Shropshire
17/09/2016 m Plymouth area Devonshire
18/09/2016 m South Bay, Scarborough Yorkshire, North
16/10/2016 m South Landing Yorkshire, East
16/10/2016 m St Vaast area (5 days) Normandy, France
01/04/2017 m + nm Golden Cap, Chideoak Dorset
23/04/2017 nm Stanner Rocks, NNR Radnorshire
21/05/2017 m Kirkwall (8 days) Orkney
26/05/2017 nm Yardley Chase SSSI Northamptonshire
01/07/2017 nm Wombwell Wood, Dearne Valley Yorkshire, South
10/07/2017 nm Thatcham Berkshire
12/08/2017 nm Sweeney Fen SSSI & Trefonen Marshes SSSI Shropshire
13/08/2017 nm Clifton Bedfordshire
13/08/2017 m Cullercoats (5 days) Tyne and Wear
08/09/2017 nm Llangorse Lake SSSI Breconshire
16/09/2017 nm Carlton Marsh, nr Lowestoft Suffolk
17/09/2017 nm Blackdown Hills Devonshire
22/09/2017 m + nm Lee Bay, Ilfracombe Devonshire
06/10/2017 m + nm Gower Peninsula (7 days) Glamorgan
14/10/2017 nm Knepp Castle Estate (2 days) West Sussex
15/06/2018 m + nm Northam Burrows, Bideford Devonshire
17/06/2018 nm Flounders Folly Shropshire
23/06/2018 m + nm Deben estuary Suffolk
08/09/2018 m Mullet Peninsula (8 days) Co. Mayo, Ireland
11/09/2018 nm Devil's Punchbowl, Hindhead Surrey
22/09/2018 nm Wharram Percy Yorkshire, North
29/09/2018 nm Cotswolds Common & Beechwoods NNR Gloucestershire
06/10/2018 m + nm Orfordness Suffolk
13/10/2018 nm Hawkbatch Shropshire
13/04/2019 nm Marks Hill Wood, Langdon Hills Essex
27/04/2019 nm RHS Gardens, Wisley Surrey
05/05/2019 nm Hainault Forrest Essex
12/06/2019 nm Southhill Park Estate, Southill Bedfordshire
11/08/2019 nm Wenlock Edge Shropshire
21/08/2019 m Titchfield Haven Hampshire
21/09/2019 nm Wyre Forest Worcestershire/Shropshire
27/09/2019 m Isles of Scilly (7 days) Cornwall
12/10/2019 nm Knepp Castle Estate West Sussex
11/05/2020 nm Standish Wood Gloucestershire
19/09/2020 m Bembridge Ledges Isle of Wight
29/05/2021 nm Dolbury Warren, Mendip Hills Somerset
05/06/2021 nm Howe Wood & Greenfield Copse, Watlington Oxfordshire
12/06/2021 nm Carmel Woods NNR, Llandeilo Camarthenshire
03/07/2021 nm Wenlock Edge Shropshire
21/08/2021 m Medbury and Pagham Harbour (2 days) West Sussex
11/09/2021 nm Devil's Punchbowl, Hindhead Surrey
18/09/2021 m + nm West Pembrokeshire (7 days) Pembrokeshire
23/10/2021 nm Wyre Forest Worcestershire/Shropshire
28/05/2022 nm Farnham Park Surrey
28/05/2022 nm Morgans Hill WWT reserve, Calne Wiltshire
11/06/2022 nm Avoncliff Wood, Bradford-on-Avon Wiltshire
06/08/2022 nm Hartslock NNR, Goring Oxfordshire
07/09/2022 nm Lower Moor Farm WWT reserves, Cricklade Wiltshire
10/09/2022 m Northumberland coast (6 days) Northumberland
24/09/2022 nm Queenswood Country Park Herefordshire
01/10/2022 nm RHS Gardens, Wisley Surrey
05/10/2022 nm Wyre Forest Worcestershire/Shropshire
08/10/2022 nm Vera Jeans WWT Reserve, Pewsey Wiltshire
08/10/2022 m Solent (2 days) Hampshire
20/04/2023 m Bude area (4 days) Devonshire/Cornwall
13/05/2023 nm Semley Woods & Oyster Coppice, Shaftesbury Wiltshire
03/06/2023 nm Warburg Nature Reserve, Bix Oxfordshire
10/06/2023 nm Knotting Green, nr Bedford Bedfordshire
18/06/2023 nm Erlestoke, Salisbury Plain Wiltshire
22/07/2023 nm Whiteknights, University of Reading Berkshire
06/08/2023 nm Hook-a-Gate Woods, nr Shrewsbury Shropshire
09/09/2023 nm Bookham Common Surrey
21/10/2023 nm Wyre Forest Worcestershire