Research grants


Subject to the availability of funds the Conchological Society may make grants (maximum £1000 per grant) totalling up to £3000 in any one calendar year. The grants will be for projects promoting the objectives of the society, and preference will be given to projects which focus on molluscan biogeography, ecology, taxonomy, conservation  or palaeontology.

A form of application may be obtained from the Honorary General Secretary to whom it should be returned when completed, and who will circulate it to the Research Grant Committee. The closing date for receipt of applications is 1st. November. Applicants will be notified of results approximately six weeks after the closing date.

If you are considering applying, please contact the Hon Secretary (  


  • The CSGB&I has funds from which it is able to make grants for the purpose of original work of molluscan research;
  • Applications are invited from both members and non-members. The latter will be encouraged to join the Society. Professional malacologists shall still be eligible to apply for grants. Grants will not pay for staff time on projects but are intended to cover only costs of equipment and reasonable expenses;
  • A form of application for a reasearch grant shall be completed, and further information may be requested by the Society if considered necessary;
  • The Society reserves the right to call for personal referees if deemed appropriate;
  • Preference will be given to projects which focus on molluscan biogeography, ecology, taxonomy, conservation or palaeontology;
  • No grant will normally exceed £1000;
  • Subject to the availability of funds, the Society will normally award grants up to a maximum of £3000 in any one year;
  • Recipients of grants are expected to produce a written account in one of the following forms:
    • A paper submitted to the Journal of Conchology subject to the usual editorial and review conditions.
    • A substantial article to be submitted for Mollusc World.
    • If the grant awarded by the Society is one of several awarded to the one project, and the paper concerned is to be published elsewhere, the recipient shall contribute an account of the work carried out in a form suitable for publication in Mollusc World. The Society reserves the right to request an interim report;
  • Recipients of grants will normally be ineligible to apply for further grants within a period of three years; and,
  • All applications for grants shall be considered by the research Grant Committee, which will normally include the Non-marine Recorder, Marine Recorder, Conservation Officer, Treasurer and President. Their recommendations will be submitted to Council for approval.