The Society runs three programmes of meetings to promote and develop interest and knowledge of molluscs:

Indoor meetings

There is a programme of indoor meetings, normally held at the Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London at intervals of four to six weeks between September and April. The main event at these meetings is usually a lecture by a guest speaker or society member. Members are also encouraged to bring exhibits and there are opportunities for informal discussions over tea and to purchase Society goods and back publications. The meetings take place in the Angela Marmont Centre for Biodiversity.  To find this most easily, come into the Museum at the main entrance.  In front of you, you will find a large dinosaur skeleton.  At the far end of the dinosaur skeleton, turn left down a passage past queues for the special dinosaur exhibition; after the entrance to the exhibition, pass a shop on the right and a cafeteria on the left, and you'll see stairs leading down to an open glass-fronted lower-level atrium.  Go down the stairs and turn left;  you will find the Angela Marmont Centre on your left.  The Centre is not open-access, so you will need to ring the bell to the right of the door (close to the end of the atrium) to gain admission.

Field meetings

A programme of field meetings take place on average once a month between late March and early November. They usually support the Society's Marine and Non-Marine Censuses, local recording schemes, or conservation minded landowners, but may also include activities such as visits to fossil mollusc locations. Reports of many of the Society's previous meetings are available on-line.

Many of the environments where molluscs are found are potentially dangerous. Before attending any field meeting, please take the time to read the H&S policy. Further advice to field meeting organisers is also available and aspects of this are worth considering when visiting the field independently.


These take place once or twice a year. They give members an opportunity to consult an expert on some aspect of mollusc identification and usually held at a members home. There is normally a charge for attendance at a workshop.