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Founded in 1876 the Conchological Society is one of the longest established societies devoted to the study of molluscs. The Society:

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Or why not check out our YouTube Channel where we upload talks given by people active in the field of molluscan research. For example Imogen Cavadino's talk, "Using citizen science to explore slug species diversity in UK gardens", given in July 2021:

Or perhaps these:

Ben Rowson's talk about the creation of the new identification guide to the freshwater snail fauna of Britain titled, "Brought to the Surface: A new beginning for freshwater snail identification"

Robert Cameron's talk, "At a Snails Pace: How a New Naturalist got written". Some may only be available for a limited time so be sure to visit soon!

Field Meetings 2021

Note, the Field Meetings page was last updated on 27th September 2021. For further details of the field meeting programme follow the previous link or, see Mollusc World 55 (page 30, though this will not have the updates referred to here). Numerous Covid-19 issues affected the Conchological Society’s 2020 meeting programme. Unfortunately, disruption and uncertainty continue into 2021.

NOTE: Several of the field meetings are included with alternative dates or are subject to cancellation. Please check this website for updates which will appear no later than two weeks before the meeting.

Main Meetings 2021

For details, please visit the Main Meetings page (last checked on 27th September 2021); or, page 28 of Mollusc World 55 .

NOTE: We are pleased to say that Conch Soc meetings are again going to be held LIVE at the Natural History Museum (NHM) in the Angela Marmont Centre. The next meeting is on Saturday 16 October at 2.00 pm, when Gavin Cooke will talk about Cephalopods in the UK.  I very much hope that many members will be able to come to London, and that we can re-establish these excellent meetings however, for those unable to come in person, the meeting will also be on Zoom at the same time.

Access to the NHM for the public is still by pre-booking, but it is hoped that special access will be arranged for Conch Soc members wishing to attend our meeting. It is therefore ESSENTIAL that we know before the meeting who wishes to attend in person. Please visit the Main Meetings page for more information.

The 11th December meeting may also be held in the Natural History Museum and / or via Zoom. See future Mollusc World editions and this website for updates.

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Land Snail Identification Guide

New 3rd edition now available. No new species have been added, but the nomenclature of many genera and species has been updated and the clarity of the images improved.

Laminated card, folded into 12 sides of 25 X 16 cm with photographs showing multiple views of each and every known British and Irish species and 11 hothouse non-natives.

Price: £3.50 each for 1-4 copies or, £15.00 for five copies. For larger orders write to:

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However, we are very pleased to invite you to join our online meetings using the ‘Zoom’ platform. Further details of the programme at Conchological Society Online Meetings.

Please check for updates in Upcoming Events and News Bulletins in left side menus on this Home Page.