The Society’s objective is to promote the study of Mollusca in its widest aspects for the benefit of the public. The study and conservation of invertebrates have never been so important, and we believe that there is an urgent need for natural history societies such as ourselves to work together to encourage the general public, and young people in particular, to engage with nature. The Society affiliates with organisations for invertebrate groups other than molluscs, that have similar objectives, and with other organisations concerned with conserving our natural heritage. Affiliation with the Conchological Society will not only help to promote your Society but will help us to further our aims and increase the public benefit our societies can offer.

At least two main types of affiliation are possible:

a) Standard Conchological Society Affiliation

Standard affiliation terms are flexible and would normally be cash neutral. They could include, for example:
  • Co-promotion of affiliation partners on each others' websites and house journals
  • Free admission to each others events where the events are free to their own members.
  • Discounts on each others' publications, where discount arrangements exist
  • Opportunities to present at each others' events or submit articles to each others' periodicals
  • Work together in other ways as appropriate, e.g. by organising joint events
To apply to join our Affiliate Scheme please contact us by email to


b) Conchological Society Corporate Partnership

Your company can become an Conchological Society Sponsor or Partner by supporting our work to engage the public and young people with conchology and natural history. To apply to become a Conchological Society Corporate Partner please contact us by email to

Affiliated organisations

The Society is affiliated with, and supports the activities of, the following groups: