Trochus magus in the Isle of Wight

On February 22nd. 1960, I was collecting shells on the east side of Ryde Pier, a beach I often visit, when I found two specimens of Trochus magus - the first I had seen in the Isle of Wight. Following the tide out I found a water-filled depression in the sands running in a N.W. direction full of masses of Crepidula fornicata, with T. magus feeding near them.

Three days later I visited the spot again but only C. fornicata was present and a fortnight later the depression had vanished. Since then I have not found T. magus again.

Considerable variation was present amongst the 36 specimens I collected, several being pale brown, two pink and others mottled with various shades of brown and pink. One white specimen was noticeable as the umbilicus was shallower and the animal black.

L. C. Prebble