Survey of Cellar slugs, Limacus maculatus and L. flavus, in the UK.

Project coordinator: Imogen Cavadino. (part of a PhD project with Newcastle University, the Royal Horticultural Society and the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology ending in 2021).

Purposes of project:

1) to ascertain the distribution and ecological requirements of the two Limacus species.

2) to gather information on the similar Leopard slug, Limax maximus, which may be confused with them.

3) to assess the methodology of the survey with a view to expanding it into an all slug species survey.

Start date: March 2019. End date: 31st October 2021


The survey is open to members of the Conchological Society and non-members. If you would like take part, please visit RHS Cellar Slug Hunt for details, including an ID Guide and how to submit records online.

Records and Results

Verified records will be available for the Non-marine Recorder to include in the Society’s data set.

The results will be presented in a PhD thesis at Newcastle University in 2021. It is intended to publish the findings in an open access scientific journal, and to submit a summary report for inclusion in the society’s magazine ‘Mollusc World’.