Identifying British Vertigos

British Vertigos » 

In the family Vertiginidae the shell is usually very small, about 2 mm. in height, and for this reason these snails are often over-looked. Some are among the rarest snails in the UK and Ireland, and are included in the British Red Data Book.

These pages are included in order to assist in their identification. To make a start, click on the image to the left.

The key used is based on that produced by Dr. Adrian Rundle for the Society's Molluscan Workshop held on 28th. November 1998, and we gratefully acknowledge his permission to use it here. We are also grateful to Dr. Ben Rowson of National Museums & Galleries of Wales for producing the images.

The Colour Guide to Vertigo species (illustrated here) is reproduced from the Society's magazine, Mollusc World, Issue No. 2, published July 2003.