Built-Up Areas & Gardens

garden habitat

Associated species

  • Arion ater (agg.)
  • Arion hortensis (agg.)
  • Boettgerilla pallens
  • Deroceras reticulatum
  • Lehmannia valentiana
  • Limacus flavus
  • Tandonia budapestensis
  • Tandonia sowerbyi
  • Testacella sp. - subterranean by nature, emerging at night to feed on earthworms and on other slugs, and so are rarely seen. In Britain, Testacella scutulum and T. haliotidea occur mainly towards the east of the country, and T. maugei occurs in the south west.
  • Cepaea hortensis
  • Cepaea nemoralis
  • Discus rotundatus roundatus
  • Cornu aspersum
  • Monacha cantiana
  • Oxychilus cellarius
  • Oxychilus draparnaudi
  • Oxychilus alliarius
  • Trochulus striolata