Mollusc World 24

  • Editorial
  • Field meeting to Llandudno – the Limestone Pavements Adrıan Norris
  • Ode to a Snail – a poem by L.W. Stratton from 1955 Hugh Ingram
  • Search techniques for littoral sea slugs Ian Smith
  • Distinguishing Ensis minor from Ensis siliqua Paul Dansey
  • Comfort and joy among the snails of Chaldon S. Peter Dance
  • “On the spot” John Llewellyn-Jones
  • 20 is Plenty June Chatfield
  • Studies on Red Sea opisthobranchs Nathalie Yonow
  • Field meeting to Flitwick Moor, Bedfordshire Peter Topley
  • In memory of Kathryn Lange Jane Bonney
  • National Escargot Day June Chatfield
  • Greener obscurer (or Why does mud stick?) Tony Wardhaugh
  • Report of the Hon. Conservation Officer Martin Willing
  • More shell collecting ants Peter Topley
  • Truncatellina cylindrica in Norfolk Carl Rusco
  • Molluscs in Maharashtra Peter Topley
  • Shellsand workshops Conchlog Jan Light
  • Coming to a charity shop near you Kevin Brown
  • Conchological Society activities in 2009 Rosemary Hill

Finding littoral sea slugs - Ian Smith

Comparing Ensis minor and Ensis siliqua - Paul Dansey

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