Special publications

Periodically the Society produces 'special publications' that are produced in the same format as the Journal of Conchology but have a particular theme. Currently three of these publications are available.

No. 1: Marine Mollusca described by John Gwyn Jeffreys, with the location of the type material.

Author: Anders Warén.

Published: February 1980

No. 2: Molluscan Conservation: A strategy for the 21st. Century.

Editors: Ian J. Killeen, Mary B. Seddon & Anna M. Holmes

Published: June 998.

This second Special Publication of the Journal of Conchology comprises a proceedings volume of papers presented at the Molluscan Conservation Conference held at the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff, U.K. - November 1996.

All of the papers presented were directed towards conservation of molluscs particularly within Europe, but an international perspective is covered by papers on conservation in East Africa, South Africa and North America. Introductory papers give a resumé of international legislation on molluscan conservation.

No. 3: Molluscan Biodiversity and Conservation.

Editors: Ian J. Killeen & Mary B. Seddon.

Published: July 2004.

This third Journal of Conchology Special Publication comprises the proceedings volume of papers presented at the symposium on Molluscan Biodiversity and Conservation held as part of the World Congress of Malacology (Unitas Malacologica), Vienna, Austria, August 2001. The collection of 16 papers in this volume cover a wide range of molluscan biodiversity and conservation topics including: the role of museum collections, conservation of island faunas. traditional and novel techniques for assessing biodiversity and setting conservation priorities.

No. 4: An annotated list of the non-marine molluscs of Britain and Ireland.

Author: Roy Anderson & Ben Rowson

Published: 2020

A new non-marine mollusc checklist was published online in 2020 as a PDF, and is available to

download here.

An XLS version of the 2020 list, indicating the changes since the 2008 version, is available to

download here.

(This list supersedes the previous checklist by Anderson (2008), available here).