Mollusc World 9

  • Editorial Ian Killeen
  • Field meeting Thanet Celia Pain
  • Field meeting Wyre Forset Ron Boyce
  • Field meeting ad - Anglesey & Lleyn Peninsula Tom Clifton
  • Theba Peter Topley
  • News from Ireland Evelyn Mookens
  • Molluscs from La Palma Peter Topley
  • Helix in Suffolk Jonathan Welsh
  • Conchological Society Website Pryce Buckle
  • Happy slapping slugs Ben & Rhuan Rowson
  • Partula snails at Edinburgh Mike Rutherford
  • Sepia elegans Tom Clifton
  • Field meeting to N. Nottinghamshire Chris du Feu
  • Freshwater Gastropods of Mauritius Malcolm Symonds
  • Field meeting at Bavelaw Marsh Craig Macadam & Adrian Sumner
  • Recovery and restoration of marine habitats Jan Light
  • Molluscs in the iconography of William Burges Ben Rowson
  • Garden survey of Molluscs Pryce Buckle
  • Moule Corsicanaise Joe Bauwens
  • Book review Kevin Brown
  • Correction from Craig Macadam
  • The race against slime
  • Snail Thoughts J.E. Rudd


Molluscs from La Palma (Photo: Peter Topley)

Snail racing (Photo: Jan Light)

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