Update on Malacolimax tenellus project

Liz Biles

The records we have received are all very useful, with some probable records awaiting confirmation before being entered on the database, so please keep them coming. By the time this goes to print the Russula season will be under way and, although M tenellus is associated with plenty of other habitats - under bark, under logs and in leaf litter, it does mean that the mycologists who have been persuaded to take part in this project should swell the number of slughunters and, hopefully, records.

Talking of looking under logs reminds me of a record sent from the Devil’s Punch Bowl during November last year. One specimen was found when a log was rolled, but damaged and it subsequently died. However, a return to the same site, same log, a couple of weeks later produced another specimen and a week later another three specimens were found - same site, same log! Persistent slug or persistent slughunter? The log was in the bottom of a gully on well-rotted leafmould in an area of oak, birch, holly and Scots pine on what appeared to be very acid soil.

The Field Meeting weekend of 22nd/23rd October is to be a collaborative event with local fungus and natural history groups. Details for the FM on Saturday 22nd October at Angling Spring Wood remained as advertised whilst for Sunday 23rd October will be confirmed nearer the time when the local fungus groups have decided on the most suitable site. Do please contact the Leader if planning to attend either or both of these Field Meetings.