Mollusc World 8

  • Editorial Ian Killeen
  • Field meeting Sandwich Bay Ron Boyce
  • Conservation news Mary Seddon
  • Field meeting - Lower Windrush Valley David Long & Rosemary Hill
  • Update on Malacolimax tenellus project Liz Biles 
  • Fanshells near Plymouth Mary Seddon
  • Exotic species Mary Seddon
  • An elusive slug Testacella maugei David Long
  • Freshwater molluscs in a pond near Colchester Peter and Pam Wilson
  • Molluscs in Trinidad and Tobago Mike Rutherford
  • Stella Turk writes from Cornwall
  • Pearls of Wisdom Jan Light
  • A mystery object from the Bronze Age Jan Light
  • Field meeting in South Wales David Long
  • Conch Soc records and the web Steve Wilkinson
  • UKBAP steering group meetings Martin Willing
  • BAP Priority Species Review Martin Willing 


Pearls of Wisdom - Jan Light

Field meeting Sandwich Bay Ron Boyce

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