Mollusc World 48

3 Brought to the Surface: a new beginning for freshwater snail identification Ben Rowson & Martin Willing
4 The Fan Mussel, Atrina fragilis in Weymouth Bay and Lyme Bay Lin Baldock, Charlotte Bolton, Nick Owen & Cathryn Quick
7 British Shell Collectors’ Club events
   Membership change of address
8 Beachcombing on Vancouver Island Peter Topley
17 Red Planorbarius corneus Tom Walker
18 Knepp Estate Field Meeting – October 2017 Martin Willing
22 Bioblitz at Northam Burrows, Devon Sebastian Payne and Peter Topley
24 Stella Turk in Cornwall June Chatfield
26 Fine art on a flat roof Clive Craik and Phil Anderson
28 Mussels mentioned in Private Eye Martin Willing
     Snail pastries seen in Devon Paul and Rosie Dansey
     Slovenia Shell Museum from Dave Adams
29 Horniman Museum ‘Sound Garden’ Peter Topley
     Molluscan appearance at exhibition Martin Willing
30 50 years ago: from the Conchologists’ Newsletter
31 About the Society/Instructions to authors
32 Conchological Society meetings diary

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