Mollusc World 29

  • Conchological Society at the NHM ‘Big Nature Day’
  • Palaeo−mollusc assemblages at Greystones nature reserve, Gloucestershire Briony Eastabrook
  • Cuttlebone strandings on the coasts of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly in 2011 Pamela Tompsett
  • Conservation Officer’s Report 2011 Martin Willing
  • Gastropod anatomy from photographs of live animals Aydin Örstan
  • ‘On the spot’ questionnaire: Christine Street
  • Indoor meeting at Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution 12 November 2011 Ron Boyce
  • The first mollusc on a coin Giambattista Bello
  • Shocking Poetry Jim Logan
  • Solariellidae: deep−sea gastropods Suzanne Williams
  • Assiminea grayana in Scotland Ron Boyce and Rosemary Hill
  • Non−Marine Recording 2011 Adrian Norris
  • Treasurer’s report 2011 Nick Light
  • Marine Recorder’s report 2011 Sebastian Payne
  • Do snails & slugs eat butterfly eggs? Graham Long
  • Dr Robert Townend Pemberton Adrian Norris
  • Book Review: Snails on rocky shores Peter Topley
  • Posidonia ‘Seagrass’ Habitats Graham Saunders
  • British Shell Collector’s Club events
  • Bedfordshire Testacella haliotidea Peter Topley
  • Swan Mussels from a Hampshire pond June Chatfield
  • Electricity from ‘bionic’ snails from Derek Worth
  • North Yorkshire Dales molluscs Michael Murphy
  • Oyster mouse trap Jan Light
  • Book review: Martin Lister Peter Topley
  • Diary of events
  • Membership update

Assiminea grayana in Scotland - Ron Boyce & Rosemary Hill

Swan Mussels from a Hampshire pond - June Chatfield

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