Mollusc World 19

  • Editorial Ian Killeen
  • Phenacolimax major sites in SE Devon 14 & 15 March 2009 Keith Alexander
  • The All-Ireland Non-Marine Molluscan Database – a digital repository and online resource for molluscan recording Andrew Byrne, Evelyn Moorkens, Roy Anderson, Julia Nunn, Liam Lysaght and Eugenie Regan
  • The Paua shell Adrian Sumner
  • An eighteenth century description of the mating of Limax maximus Aydin Örstan
  • Molluschi terrestri e d’acqua dolce della Valle di Susa Elena Gavetti, Stefano Birindelli, Marco Bodon & Giuseppe Manganelli.
  • Collecting and ….. eating snails in Morocco Alex Menez
  • The Shell Cottage, Carton Estate,County Kildare, Ireland Evelyn Moorkens
  • A field survey of the molluscs of the Pilliga Scrub in semi-arid inland New South Wales, Australia Michael J. Murphy
  • Snails and Shells help archaeologists learn about Land and People - the Conchological Society supports new publication Mike Allen

Searching for Phenacolimax major (Ron Boyce)

The Paua shell (Adrian Sumner)

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