Conserving Scotland’s Invertebrates – a fresh approach

Craig Macadam

No-one can doubt the importance of invertebrates for the environment whether it is for their contributions to ecological services like pollination and waste disposal or for the simple pleasures of seeing butterflies and bumblebees in gardens and countryside alike. Yet many invertebrates in Scotland are threatened and need conserving.

The Initiative for Scottish Invertebrates is at present a non-constituted alliance of individuals and organisations working on Scottish invertebrates. The group is currently consulting with as wide a range of interested parties as possible to gather opinions and data towards developing a conservation strategy for Scottish invertebrates.

The Conserving Scottish Invertebrates project, funded by Scottish Natural Heritage and coordinated by Buglife – The Invertebrate Conservation Trust, will seek a broad consensus among entomologists and conservationists around the actions detailed in the strategy. In addition, it aims to raise awareness of Scotland’s important and distinctive invertebrate fauna amongst the public, conservation organisations and decision makers.

This is a timely and unique opportunity to make a difference for invertebrates in Scotland. For the project to succeed we need to engage with as many individuals as possible with an interest in Scottish invertebrates.

We hope you will respond positively to this opportunity and contribute to the development of the conservation strategy. In the meantime, if you would like to learn more about the project or join the Scottish Invertebrate discussion forum then please contact Craig Macadam at the address below.

Craig Macadam, Conservation Officer (Scotland), Buglife – the Invertebrate Conservation Trust, Balallan House, 24 Allan Park, Stirling, FK8 2QG. Tel: 01786 447504. Email: