Mollusc World 15

  • Editorial Ian Killeen
  • Arrangements for meetings Ron Boyce
  • Disappearing snails? Adrian T. Sumner
  • Ancestral recipes for food
  • Malacological Congress - Antwerp Mary Seddon
  • Slugs and snails in Iceland Adrian T. Sumner
  • Vacuum cleaner sampler Ron Boyce
  • Shell collecting ants Peter Topley
  • The chalkface Celia Pain
  • An albino snail in my pond Adrian T. Sumner
  • A bloody surprise S. Peter Dance
  • Conserving Scotlands invertebrates Craig Macadam
  • Conservation officers report - 2006 Martin Willing
  • Opposite coils in Asian tree snails Paul Craze
  • Re-discovery of Segmentina nitida in Yorkshire Adrian Norris & David Lindley
  • Report from Beckenham field meeting - 2007 Chris de Feu
  • Book review - The shell: A world of decoration and ornament Kevin Brown

Vacuum cleaner sampler (Image © Ron Boyce)

Re-discovery of Segmentina nitida in Yorkshire (Image © Derek Rands)

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