Mollusc World 11

  • Field meetiing - Anglesey & Lleyn Tom Clifton
  • A snail full... Peter Topley
  • Drystone walls in Majorca Adrian Norris
  • Shells at Hewhailes Rosemary Hill
  • Eobania vermiculata in the UK David Norton
  • Amateur taxonomy Jim Logan
  • Don't bet on snails
  • Baker Hudson Peter Topley
  • Phenacolimax major survey and update David Long
  • Nora McMillan Julia Nunn
  • Invertebrates of temporary waters Adrian Sumner & Craig Macadam
  • Black slug (Arion ater) - poem
  • A left handed creator Edi Gittenberger
  • Duchess of Curiosities Kevin Brown
  • Disappointed enthusiast (poem) Jeanette de Lacey-Mann
  • Marine Recorder Report 2005 Jan Light
  • Oysters & Horseshoes - a reply Jan LIght
  • On the naming of boats Jan Light
  • West Worcestershire Hills Harry Green
  • Conservation Officer report 2005 Martin Willing
  • Treasurers Report 2005 Pryce Buckle
  • On joining the Conch Soc Phil' Palmer
  • Shell Souvenir John Llewellyn-Jones
  • Responses to collecting dead shells
  • Durham field meeting
  • Ancient jewellery
  • Scottish biodiversity Adrian Sumner
  • Clausiliids in S. Yorkshire Woods Robert Cameron
  • The Fighting Snail Giles Watson

Field meeting - Anglesey & Lleyn (Photo Tom Clifton)

Eobania vermiculata in the UK (Photo David Notton)

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