Mollusc World - Issue 30

Mollusc World - Issue 30

Published in November 2012. Has 32 pages including colour photographs.


  • Letter to members Mike Allen
  • Book sale announcement/ New members
  • Molluscs, climate change and NBN Bas Payne
  • Mass mortality of some Helicid snails Adrian Brokenshire
  • Trust me − I'm a malacophile Chris du Feu
  • Are UK snails and slugs more abundant this year? correspondence initiated by Mary Seddon
  • Rivelin revisited: field meeting Robert Cameron
  • Shell borders of Burghley House Gobelins tapestries Peter Topley and Kevin Brown
  • Downton Gorge field meeting Ron Boyce
  • Field meeting to Connemara, Ireland John Fisher
  • Field meeting to Titchfield, Hants. June Chatfield
  • Pearl in a Razor Shell Paul Dansey
  • The story of wampum Janet Ridout Sharpe
  • J. Wilfrid Jackson – a retrospective Brian Goodwin
  • Lava Shell, Codakia tigerina John Llewellyn Jones
  • Field meeting in Winchester, Hants. June Chatfield
  • A Taste for Slugs Graham Long
  • Slug tennis!
  • British Shell Collector’s Club dates
  • About the Society/Instructions to authors
  • Diary of meetings