SALE OF UNSOLD BOOKS, July 1 2024: prices even further reduced

The prices of the books that have not yet been bought have been substantially reduced again – there are serious bargains available, and many free books.

The purpose of the sale is to try to find good homes for everything, and to raise money for the Society and individual vendors. The sale is open to non-members as well as to members; members are given 15 days priority. (Please see notes and rules (click to open).)

List of books and other items unsold on July 1 (click to open). Items are listed in three sections: Books (listed by author and date), Periodicals (listed by periodical name) and Miscellaneous. As the list has been assembled from descriptions in various lists made over a decade, there are likely to be inconsistencies; some titles are listed several times, usually because of differences in condition, but sometimes because they have different sources; I would be grateful for your understanding. 


Ordering books:  Please use the order form (as pdf) or the order form (as word document) (click to open). Books/items can be ordered by e-mail (to or by post (see address on form); to avoid mix-ups, please give the Number of the item (apologies that this isn’t a simple running number), and enough of the author’s name or description to provide a cross-check. Orders from members will be dealt with in the order in which they are received; orders from non-members will be actioned two weeks after they are received.


Price reduction:  After one month (i.e. on August 1 etc.),  books/items that remain unsold will be relisted with prices dropped by between a third and a quarter, on the same basis; and this process will be repeated until the price of a book falls below £1, at which point it will be offered free of charge.  Free books will be disposed of (probably to a charity bookshop if they will take them) after one month if no-one wants them.


Further details, payment and delivery:  please see notes and rules (click to open).