SALE OF UNSOLD BOOKS, June 1 2024: prices now reduced

List of books and other items unsold on May 31 (click to open). Items are listed in three sections: Books (listed by author and date), Periodicals (listed by periodical name) and Miscellaneous. As the list has been assembled from descriptions in various lists made over a decade, there are likely to be inconsistencies; some titles are listed several times, usually because of differences in condition, but sometimes because they have different sources; I would be grateful for your understanding. 


Ordering books:  Please use the order form (as pdf) or the order form (as word document) (click to open). Books/items can be ordered by e-mail (to or by post (see address on form); to avoid mix-ups, please give the Number of the item (apologies that this isn’t a simple running number), and enough of the author’s name or description to provide a cross-check. Orders from members will be dealt with in the order in which they are received; orders from non-members will be actioned two weeks after they are received.


Price reduction:  After one month (i.e. on July 1, August 1 etc.),  books/items that remain unsold will be relisted with prices dropped by between a third and a quarter, on the same basis; and this process will be repeated until the price of a book falls below £1, at which point it will be offered free of charge.  Free books will be disposed of (probably to a charity bookshop if they will take them) after one month if no-one wants them.


Further details, payment and delivery:  please see notes and rules (click to open).