Charles Alluaud - 1861-1949 - Collectors in East Africa - 28 - Supplement.

By Bernard Verdcourt

Extracted from The Conchologists’ Newsletter, No.158, pp. 72–73 published September 2001.

Through inadvertence I omitted several of the molluscs collected by C. Alluaud, particularly those he obtained in 1912 in the company of R. Jeannel. These are listed below.

Jeannel’s book on African mountains (1950) contains pictures of montane vegetation taken by Alluaud; plate 1 is of Alluaud and Jeannel at their camp on Kilimanjaro at Bismarckhügel (complete with pith helmets!). If I do not get around to dealing with René Jeannel (1879–1965) in this series anyone interested can consult Delamere Deboutteville’s obituary of him (1965). Jeannel eventually became director of the Natural History Museum in Paris.

Additional list of molluscs described from material collected by C. Alluaud and R. Jeannel in East Africa

Gastrocopta jeaneli Germ. 1934.   Tanzania, Kilimanjaro, upper edge of forest near Bismarck Hill, 2700–2800 m. (2.iv.1912) Alluaud & Jeannel (holotype, P).
Gulella albogilva Germ. 1934.   Tanzania, New Moshi, near R. Rau, 800 m. (12.iv.1912) Alluaud & Jeannel (holotype, P).
Lauria alluaudi Germ. 1934.   Kenya, Kinangop, 3100 m. (19.ii.1912) Alluaud & Jeannel (holotype, P).
Lauria desiderata (Preston).
Marconia (Stenomarconia) jeanneli Germ. 1934.   Kenya, Mt. Kenya, ‘prairies alpines’ 3300–3700 m.; rocky escarpment on left bank of Haugsburg Valley, 3650 m. on giant Senecio; between Haugsburg and Teleki Valleys, on dead trunks of tree Senecios, 4000 m., Alluaud & Jeannel (syntypes, P).
Stenomarconia jeanneli (Germ.)
Mutela alluaudi Germ. 1910.   Uganda, Lake Albert,Alluaud (holotype, P).
Subuliniscus arambourgi Germ. 1934.   Kenya, Thika, Blue Posts Hotel at junction of Thika and Chania rivers, 1250 m. (1.i.1912) Alluaud & Jeannel (holotype, P (lost)).
Truncatellina flavogilva Germ. 1934.   Tanzania, New Moshi, near R. Rau, 800 m. (12.iv.1912) (holotype).


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B. Verdcourt