The marine mollusca of the United Arab Emirates, Arabian Gulf

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This paper presents an annotated list of the Mollusca collected along the coast of the United Arab Emirates within the Arabian (or Persian) Gulf, between As Shaam and Ras Ghanadha, during 1972 and 1973, chiefly hy Major M. D. Gallagher, but also by the author. Localities and habitats are given for all Mollusca observed alive and a history of collecting and recording in the Arabian Gulf is included. The molluscan fauna of the northern coast of the United Arab Emirates differs from that of the area around Abu Dhabi and is richer in species. Biggs (1973) listed 97 identified gastropods and 83 identified bivalves from Abu Dhabi. Of these, 23 gastropods and 23 bivalves were not found in the area covered by this paper, while 134 species are common to both areas and another 214 species occur only in the area covered by this paper.