Marine molluscs in Wales

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The first section of this paper gives a short history of collecting, publishing and study of marine molluscs in Wales from the eighteenth century to the present day. This includes information on the life and work of Thomas Pennant, William Lyons, Lewis Weston Dillwyn, John Gwyn Jeffreys, Edward Donovan, Philip Henry Gosse, Bartlet Span, John Read le Brockton Tomlin and J. Davy Dean; there are also passing references to the contributions of other authors. The second section is divided into small geographical regions and in each there is a short description of the coast, references to relevant publications on the marine molluscs and notes on some species of particular interest. At the back of the paper there is an appendix divided into sections of geographical regions which gives a summary bibliography to the distribution of marine molluscs in Wales.
(Presidential Address, delivered 13 March 1976)