Abyssal Mollusca of the Arctic Ocean

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The mollusc material of the FRAM I Drift-Ice Expedition 1979 consists of 13 species, mostly represented by shells without the soft parts. Two new taxa were present: Yoldiella frami n.sp. and Cuspidaria sp., apparently new but material too damaged for an adequate description. An attempt has been made to compile a checklist of all known molluscs from the arctic abyssal zone, i.e., deeper than 1200 meters. Altogether 36 taxa have been recorded (18 Gastropoda, I Scaphopoda, 17 Bivalvia). The horizontal and vertical distribution of the taxa are recorded. The earlier observation that the Norwegian Sea and the Arctic Ocean form a zoogeographical unit is confirmed. An endemic abyssal faunal element can be recognized. Observations on mode of life (attachment) and feeding lead to the conclusion that the arctic abyssal zone contains a number of ecological niches.