Policy on accessing records

The Society has a very open policy to the records that it holds and hence anything that is submitted to it. This is primarily because the Society believes that such a policy both maximises the use that can be made of the records and in particular to maximise their use in the conservation of molluscs. The details of the policy are included below.

The policy

This policy refers to the release of data in any form held by the Conchological Society of GB & Ireland, referred to herein as The Society, acting as custodian of that data on behalf of its members and contributors.

All validated records of all species held by the Society will be made freely available, except species that are subject to commercial exploitation namely pearl mussels and Roman snails, where a judgement would be made by the relevant Society Recorder in conjunction with the Conservation and Recording Committee (CRC).

The Society, or persons nominated to act on behalf of The Society, will not release personal data (such as addresses associated with recorders’ names) to enquirers without the express agreement of the originator of that data. Records will remain the property of the recorder at all times.

A copy of the data held by the Society is also held by the National Biodiversity Network (NBN) where the records are available on the internet to download via the NBN Gateway. All this data on the NBN Gateway will be placed at the full public access level, except for pearl mussels and Roman snails.

The Society reserves the right to withhold or impose restrictions on the release of certain data of a sensitive nature at any time if such action is deemed appropriate.

If a member of, or contributor to, The Society does not wish his/her records to be available for release to enquirers under the above policy, then he/she must inform the Society in writing.  Any member or contributor of data to The Society may make a separate data release agreement with the Society.

Neither the owner, nor any other person involved in the Society gives any warrant or undertakings as to or accepts liability for the accuracy and currency of the data, whether published on the Society website or elsewhere or for any other purpose to which the data may be used.

This policy was agreed by the Council of the Society on 11th November 2006.  Further enquiries concerning any Society records should, in the first instance, be directed to the appropriate Recorder.