Report of the Non-Marine Recorder

Adrian Norris

Non-Marine Recording – Activity and Highlights 2011

Since the last report in April 2011 a further 10,000 records have been added to the non-marine database bringing the total to 250.000 and an updated version of this database has been supplied to allow access to the data via the NBN network. I am concerned, however, that the dataset is becoming heavily biased towards the more active areas of the British Isles whilst other areas are lagging well behind. We need more recording activity, particularly in the Home Counties and the Midlands which appear to be rather neglected. Rare species with known habitat types and distributions, such as some of the rarer Vertigo species are well studied and documented but other more erratically distributed species are not. With access to recorders in the field rather limited I would like to encourage those who do record to be more systematic and submit even the most casual records of the most common species. All records, even the Common Garden Snail, can add significantly to our understanding of the distribution of species within the British Isles. Most of the new VC records are as a result of trying to re-establish the VC lists after so many splits within the slugs.

One interesting records of 2011 relates to the introduced Helix lucorum which was reported last year. This alien appears to be spreading. It is difficult to know if this is due to the affects of Global Warming but we need to monitor this species more closely. If it does spread it may start to overlap with Helix pomatia which could hinder the conservation of that species. The spread of the introduced Corbicula fluminea also appears to be continuing with new records from a further two vice-counties.

The discovery of Mercuria similis in the River Thames at Oliver’s Ait and Syon Park by Martin J. Willing in 2011, extends its known range in the Thames. Previous records are of this species this far upstream are well over 100 year old, the nearest modern record being from Barking Creek much further down river. Martin Willing has also located in June 2011 substancial colonies of Truncatella subcylindrica on Thorney Island (VC13), both east and west side of the island at SU768032 with Leucopytia bidentata. The area on the west side of the Island has a considerable amount of broken-up concrete used to reinforce the seawalls.

A Bioblitz in Cambridge Botanic Gardens on the 23rd of July 2010 produced a number of new vice-county records, mainly of alien species from the greenhouses but also a new VC record of Pyramidula pusilla a native species which is rare in the south-east.

A number of old records have been re-found, particularly in Scotland, by various recorders. Adrian Sumner for example relocated Succinea oblonga near Ayr after a gap of more than 10 years at (NS3266320117) 22.06.2011. This find encouraged a further search at Peffer Burn in East Lothian (NT6182 & NT6282) were it was also re-located by Adrian Sumner on 08.07.2011.


East Cornwall (VC2): Arion distinctus, Truro (SW832450) 29.03.2010 C. du Feu

South Devon (VC3): Lehmannia valentiana, Plymouth Hoe (SX477540) 07.07.2010 C. du Feu

East Kent (VC15): Arion distinctus, Boxley Wood (TQ768599) 11.06.2010; Arion flagellus, Harp Farm (TQ774600) 11.06.2010; Arion silvaticus, Harpledown (TR132578) 15.06.2010; Boettgerilla pallens, Perry Court Farm (TR04114713) 13.06.2010 all C. du Feu

North Essex (VC19): Arion distinctus, Wickham Bishops (TL837121 28.03.2010 Chris du Feu

Middlesex (VC21): Mercuria similis, River Thames at Oliver’s Ait (TQ195777) 06.2011 and Syon Park (TQ176765) 08.2011 Coll. & Det. Martin J. Willing

Berkshire (VC22): Arion distinctus, A. silvaticus, A. flagellus Basildon Park (SU610784) 11.09.2010 all C. du Feu

East Suffolk (VC25): Lucilla singleyana, Thorpe Aldringham (TM466608) (2011) Alistair Cruikshanks det. Richard C. Preece

Cambridgeshire (VC29): Physella acuta, Ferrissia wautieri, Pyramidula pusilla, Deroceras panormitanum, Allopeas gracile, Sabulina octona, Hawaiia minuscula, Gulella io, Zonitoides arboreus Cambridge Botanic Gardens (TL455572) 23.07.2011 all Richard C. Preece; Arion distinctus, Anglesey Abbey (TL5261) 05.08.2010, Arion flagellus, Wicken Fen (TL5570) 08.10.2010 all C. du Feu

East Gloucestershire (VC33): Ferrissia wautieri, Chesterton, Cirencester (SP022009) 04.08.2011 David Scott-Langley det. A. Norris

Worcestershire (VC37): Arion distinctus, Ribbesford Woods (SO777729)

12.02.2011 R.E.Hill & Ron Boyce; Physella acuta, River Severn (SO846533) 11.08.2011 det. R.E.Hill

Staffordshire (VC39): Corbicula fluminea, Trent & Mersey Canal near Burton (SK206188 & SK250254) 06.07.2011 Martin Willing (1993)

Shropshire (VC40): Arion sylvaticus, A. flagellus, Wyre Forest (SO757768) Euconulus fulvus ss. Wyre Forest (S0756770) 17.09.2011 Conch. Soc. Det R.E. Hill

Glamorgan (VC41): Corbicula fluminea, Port Talbot (SS7689) 01.01.2006 Paul Taylor det. A. Norris; Pupilla pratensis, The Gower (SS21) 1993 Martin Willing

Pembrokeshire (VC45): Unio pictorum, Stackpole Warren (SR9895) 12.06.2010 Eric Philp

Caernarvonshire (VC49): Omphiscola glabra, Llanllawen Fawr (SH148258) 18.09.2009 John Bratton det. A. Norris

South Lincolnshire (VC53): Limacus flavus ss., Baston Fen (TF143176) 04.09.2011 E.J. Redshaw

North Lincolnshire (VC54): Deroceras panomitanum, Grimsby (TA254090) 10.03.2010; Arion distinctus, Limacus flavus ss., Scartho (TA2605) 10.03.2010; Boettgerilla pallens, Walesby (TF1392) 30.09.2011 all C. du Feu

Leicestershire (VC55): Arion distinctus, A. circumscriptus ss., A. flagellus, Limacus flavus ss., New Lount (SK397184) 08.05.2010; Arion rufus, Ibstock (SK405098) 08.05.2010, Lehmannia valentiana, Primethorpe (SP518930) 12.07.2011 all C. du Feu

Nottinghamshire (VC56): Boettgerilla pallens, Nr Wellingwells (SK574845) 25.11.2008 A. Lazenby; Arion ater ss., A. rufus, Limacus maculatus, Rushcliffe C.P. (SK5732) 19.07.2010; Limacus flavus ss., Carlton-in-Lindrick (SK588837) 17.11.2010; Arion distinctus, Beckingham (SK762889) Arion silvaticus, Beckingham (SK774889) 27.02.2010 all C. du Feu

Derbyshire (VC57): Arion distinctus, Abney Clough (SK209797) 31.10.2009 R.A.D. Cameron; Limacus flavus ss, Kirk Hallam (SK448404) 13.09.2011 C.du Feu

South Lancashire (VC59): Arion distinctus, Limacus flavus ss, Lancaster (SD489602) 02.05.2010; Lehmannia valentiana, Lancaster (SD489682) 03.09.2010 all C. du Feu

South-west Yorkshire (VC63): Physella gyrina, Gargrave (SD9354) 14.05.2011 David Lindley det. Roy Anderson

Mid-west Yorkshire (VC64): Physella gyrina, Gargrave (SD943545)14.05.2011 David Lindley det. Roy Anderson; Arion owenii, Kirkby Malham (SD894609) 29.07.2011 David Lindley & A. Norris

North-west Yorkshire (VC65): Arion ater ss, Strang Lane (NZ001041) 12.08.2011; Tandonia sowerbyi, Reeth (SE039991) 15.08.2011 both A. Norris

Isle of Man (VC71): Arion silvaticus, Euconulus fulvus ss., Ballure Glen (SC453927) 17.08.2011; Arion distinctus ss., Groudle Glen (SC416788) 16.08.2011; Arion circumscriptus ss., Carychium minimum, Narradle (SC395939) 18.08.2011 all Keith Alexander.

Dumfriesshire (VC72): Euconulus fulvus, A702 Dalveen Pass, north of Dalveen (NS903074) 18.06.2011 A. Norris; Arion distinctus, Lockerbie (NY138816) 11.05.2010 A. Sumner; Acicula fusca, Stenhouse Wood SSSI (NX7932693292) 21.05.2011 B. Colville; Oxychilus draparnaudi, Penton Linns (NY432774) 22.05.2011 A.T. Sumner; Cochlodina laminata, Penton Linns (NY42997743) 22.05.2011 T.M. Walker det S.P. Dance; Physella acuta, Caerlaverock (NY043651) Assiminea grayana, Caerlaverock (NY038650) 27.05.2011 R.E. Hill & R. Boyce

Ayrshire (VC75): Arion ater ss., Arion circumscriptus ss, Tandonia sowerbyi, Planorbarius corneus, Drumlamford House Estate (NX2876) 20.06.2011; Lehmannia valentiana, Ballantrae (NX0815582904) 22.06.2011 all A.T. Sumner & A. Norris

Renfrewshire (76) Euconulus alderi, Lymnaea stagnalis, Zonitoides nitidus, BTCV Pond, Dams & Darnley CP, Glasgow (NS526589) 09.04.2011 all A.T. Sumner

Selkirkshire (VC79): Arion ater ss., Arion distinctus, Tushielaw (NT30311766) 16.06.2011 A. Norris

East Lothian (VC82): Balea perversa ss, North Berwick (NT539854) 02.10.2011 A.T. Sumner det. A. Norris; Vertigo pusilla, Peffer Burn (NT619824) 08.07.2011 A.T. Sumner

Midlothian (VC83): Monacha cantiana, Water of Leith, Slateford, Edinburgh (NT219708) 21.08.2011 A.T. Sumner; Arion vulgaris, Melville Castle (NT306667) 19.09.2010 A.T. Sumner det. Roy Anderson; Oxychilus helveticus, Millerhill (NT322713) 19.07.2011 A.T. Sumner

West Lothian (VC84): Limax cinereoniger, The Desert, Avon Valley (NS947730) 26.07.2011; Myosotella myosotis, E shore of River Avon (NS957811) 28.09.2011; Cochlicopa lubricella, Wester Shore Wood (NT059794) 09.08.2011; Tandonia sowerbyi, Dalmeny (NT141775) 21.07.2011 all A.T. Sumner

Fifeshire (VC85): Euconulus fulvus ss, Millennium Cycle Way, Comrie (NT022887) 17.08.2011; Planorbarius corneus, Beveridge Park, Kirkcaldy (NT269909) 21.07.2011 both A.T. Sumner

West Perthshire (87): Cochlodina laminata, Millennium Cycle Way, nr Blairhall (NT0088) 17.08.2011 A.T. Sumner

East Perthshire (VC89): Arion distinctus, (NN869653), Arion ater ss, (NN872652) Blair Atholl 20.04.2011 A.T. Sumner

Angus (VC90): Musculium lacustre, Barnhill Rock Garden (NO479312) 29.05.2011 A.T. Sumner

Argyll Main (VC98): Arion distinctus, Benmore Botanic Garden (NS135851) 03.09.2011 A.T. Sumner

North Ebudes (VC104): Deroceras panomitanum, Portree (SN483433) 07.05.2011; Limacus maculatus, Portree (NG483437) 26.06.2011; Balea perversa ss., Tawny Croft (NG699122) 11.05.2011 all C. du Feu

West Ross (VC105): Arion owenii, Shellaig (NG816542) 01.09.2010 C. du Feu