Invertebrate of the year 2024!

Earthworm crowned UK invertebrate of the year by Guardian readers!

Lumbricus terrestris claims landslide victory with 38% of vote, while Asian or yellow-legged hornet comes in last with 0.8%

It’s a political earthquake! The common earthworm, the soil-maker, food provider and grand recycler, is the landslide winner of the inaugural UK invertebrate of the year competition!

These were some of the species nominated by readers.

Here are links to the official list of species that were nominated in 2024:

  1. The glorious glowworm – the ‘love torch’ of the invertebrate
  2. ‘Monster of the moth world’: why Clifden nonpareil is ultimate prize for collectors
  3. A very British butterfly: spectacular swallowtail is built for capricious summers
  4. The voracious Asian hornet – the invertebrate symbol of our dark times
  5. The barrel jellyfish – gentle giant of the oceans
  6. St Piran’s hermit crab – an opportunist with stunning eyes
  7. Distinguished jumping spider – an arachnid that’s not just a pretty face
  8. Ash-black slug – this magnificent gastropod is the epitome of grace
  9. The minotaur beetle – a down-to-earth devourer of dung
  10. The shrill carder: once-common bumblebee heading for extinction
  11. Earthworm – the soil-maker, without whom we’d struggle to feed ourselves

There were also two associated articles:

In defence of slugs and moths: the pesky invertebrates Britain loves to hate

In defence of wasps: a misunderstood insect with human-like qualities

The Guardian ran a UK invertebrate of the year competition.

Every day between 2 April and 12 April they profiled one of the incredible invertebrates that live in and around the UK.

For example there was this mollusc:

Ash-black slug – this magnificent gastropod is the epitome of grace

You could also nominate an invertebrate that you thought they should be including (this was the link).

At midnight on Friday 12 April the voting opened to decide which invertebrate would be crowned – for now – the winner. The winner was announced on Monday 15 April.