Mollusc World 42

3 A significant new Phenacolimax major record. Harwich field meeting. Simon Taylor
6 Dr Martin Lister (1639-1712) − pioneer conchologist Peter Topley
14 National Trust Bioblitz, Lundy Bay Sebastian Payne and Peter Topley
15 A two-lipped Cepaea and other notes Gordon Collett
16 A ram’s-horn snail puzzle: field meeting to High Farm, Wilden, Beds. Peter Topley
18 Use of Mollusca by the Xhosa peoples of South Africa Maureen J Moore
21 British Shell Collectors’ Club events
22 The mud pond snail, Omphiscola glabra, in Shropshire Mags Cousins
23 Weird Winkles Jim Logan
24 Shells depicted in 17th century lime-wood carvings Peter Topley and Kevin Brown
26 How a conchophobe helped a conchologist’s daughter get in touch with me Peter Dance
27 Roman snails at Chedworth Roman Villa: poster
28 Violets and Purples Jan Light
29 Field meeting to Lower Winskill Farm, Langcliffe, Yorkshire Adrian Norris
30 Exmouth: home of The Cockles June Chatfield
     Blog: Biodiversity of Cyprus/ High climbing snails
31 About the Society/Instructions to authors/membership update
32 Meetings diary

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