Mollusc World 3

  • Editorial
  • On the trail of the greater pellucis glass snail - David Long
  • Field Meeting to the Northcot Brick and Tile Company - David Long
  • Exploring Alderson's Ampullarids at Basildon Park - Harriet Wood
  • Whats the latest in molluscan names?
  • The largest invertebrate?
  • News from Scotland - Adrian Sumner & Shelagh Smith
  • The many lives of the "Giant African Snail" - Peter Topley
  • Conservation News - Mary Seddon
  • The Tomlin archive - Jennifer Gallichan
  • Colour guide for British Turrids - Ben Rowson
  • Molluscan Conservation Statuses - M.J.Willing
  • In Conversation with Stella Turk - Jan Light
  • On a photo of Charles Oldham - Peter Dance & J.G.J.Kuiper
  • Recording on Scilly - Geraldine Holyoak
  • Diary of meetings

Stella Turk - Jan Light

Giant African Snail - Peter Topley

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