Non-Marine Recording – Activity and Highlights 2010

Adrian Norris

This year, a significant threshold has been reached with the non-marine database. Although not all of the old records have been uploaded into it yet, sufficient information is now available within the records to enable the NBN to have been supplied with a copy of the database for inclusion in the data network. A total of 157,351 records covering all of the counties of England, Scotland and Wales were passed over to the NBN. A further 180 fossil and 2,796 post-2000 Yorkshire marine records have also been supplied to the NBN via Steve Wilkinson. The 79,308 Irish records in the database are being dealt with separately by the Irish and are not included in the data being uploaded onto the data network. A total of 239,635 species observations are now included within the overall database. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our members, and non-members, who have kindly supplied data. It is interesting to note that over 1,200 names of recorders are now in the database.

Two of the more interesting records relate to Cochlicella barbara which has been recorded from St Agnes, Isles of Scilly and Shell Island near Harlech. The specimens found on St Agnes match those recorded from near Monreith (Vice County 73) in 2008, as well as the description of this species in Kerney and Cameron, 1979. However, subsequent examination of the dead shells collected at Shell Island in North Wales, suggest that we may be dealing with two separate species, as the specimens from Shell Island are much smaller and proportionately more conical. Live material is urgently required for dissection to establish the true status of all of the records of Cochlicella barbara in Britain. The official records of Cochlicella barbara now list only seven sites from seven vice-counties: however, the NBN Network lists a number of other sites for which we have no information.

Two alien Vice County (VC) records are reported officially for the first time, Papillifera bidens from Brownsea Island (VC9) and Helix lucorum from Wimbledon Chase (VC14).

This report includes the two Irish records of Pupilla pratensis recently reported from the Republic of Ireland in counties Laois (Leix) (H14) and Westmeath (H23) (I. Nat. J. 30:(2):148).The second species new to Ireland is Corbicula fluminea which has been recorded from numerous sites along the Barrow navigation in Co. Carlow (H13) (I. Nat. J. 30:(2):147-8). A recent record of Omphiscola glabra from Co. Waterford (H6) re-establishes this species as part of the Irish fauna, having been declared extinct in Ireland in 2009.

In an attempt to ratify the status of a number of segregate records I have included those new VC records which have been submitted by experienced and known recorders.

I have also included a number of new VC records of Balea species based on the examination of material held in the Leeds City Museum collections. Figure 1 shows the present VC distribution based on both those accepted records forwarded to me and the Leeds Museum records. The old aggregate records show Balea to be almost ubiquitous, but a re-evaluation of the material held in other museums and private collections is required to establish the true distribution of these two segregate species. Irish records for the two Balea species suggest that Balea heydeni is widespread, but the true distribution of Balea perversa ss in Southern Ireland is still unclear.


figure 1: distribution of Balea species by vice-county, both aggregates and segregates.

figure 2: number of species recorded per vice-county.

Snail employed as fire hydrant sign in a hotel in Lillehammer
   (Norway)   (Photo: Bas Payne)

West Cornwall (VC1): Cochlicella barbara, St Agnes, Isles of Scilly (SV8808) 10.09.2010 Paul Sterry, Conf. Martin Willing; Myosotella denticulata, Lelant, St Ives (SW548374) 01.04.2009 Tom Walker; Balea perversa ss, Pothgwarra to St Leven (SW3721) 23.03.2004 Keith Alexander
East Cornwall (VC2): Columella aspera, Dunmere & Park Woods (SX043683) 13.07.2001 Keith Alexander; Cochlicopa lubricella, Parson’s Cove, Fowey East (SX1651) 24.08.2006 Keith Alexander
South Devon (VC3): Euconulus fulvus ss, Beacon Goyle near Honiton (SY124933) 15.03.2009 Tom Walker; Arion circumscriptus ss, A. distinctus, Blackbury Camp (SY1892) 23.10.2010; A silvaticus, Chase Wood, Holne SX7271) 24.10.2010 Keith Alexander; A. fasciatus, Thomas Cleave Wood (SX7988) 14.03.2009 R. Boyce
North Devon (VC4): Limacus flavus ss, Bideford (SS442270) 31.03.2005; Euconulus fulvus ss, Kipling Tors (SS4228) 23.07.2008 Keith Alexander
North Somerset (VC6): Balea heydeni, Lansdown, Bath (ST7368) 29.06.1969 E.B.Rands, Det A.Norris
South Wiltshire (VC8): Cochlicopa lubricella, Porton Down (SU2435) 18.08.2005 Keith Alexander
Dorset (VC9): Mysotella denticulata, Quarry, Portland Bill (SY676684) 09.03.2009 J. Fleming Conf A. Norris; Papillifera bidens, Brownsea Island (SZ03128770) 17.09.2010 Tom Walker
North Hampshire (VC12): Cochlicopa lubricella, Greywell (SU722513) 24.05.2005, Physella acuta, River Whitewater, North Warnborough (SU7340052321) 30.04.2009 all Tom Walker
West Sussex (VC13): Physella acuta, Washington (TQ12281304) 05.10.2010 C.M. Drake
East Sussex (VC14): Helix lucorum, Wimbledon Chase (TQ5216) 10.2009 Phil. Palmer; Balea perversa, Eastbourne (TV69) 1900 A.G. Stubbs, Conf A. Norris
Berkshire (VC22): Euconulus fulvus ss, Great Copse, Farley Hill (SU746656) 01.05.2007 Tom Walker
Oxfordshire (VC23): Euconulus fulvus ss, Mapledurham Woods, Reading (SU677766) 03.04.2005; E. alderi ss, Culham Bridge, Sutton Courtenay (SU5087094866) 01.04.2009 both Tom Walker
East Gloucestershire (VC33): Euconulus fulvus ss, Dorvel Wood (SO90) 13.02.2000 Keith Alexander
West Gloucestershire (VC34): Euconulus fulvus ss, Soudley Ponds, Forest of Dean (SO662113) 11.06.2005; Gyraulus laevis, Westbury Court, Westbury-on-Severn (SO718138) 15.06.2005; Physella gyrina, Cannop Ponds, Parkend (SO608099) 11.06.2005 all Tom Walker; Limacus flavus ss, Little London (SO704184) 06.10.2001 Keith Alexander
Monmouthshire (VC35): Arion fasciatus, Milax gagates, nr Pontypool (ST328986) 19.01.2010; Unio pictorum, St James Pool (SO15530788) 23.05.2010 both C. Owen
Herefordshire (VC36): Arion silvaticus; Brockhampton Dingle (SO6855); A. circumscriptus ss, Brockhampton Park Estate (SO6856) 11.06.2000; Limacus flavus ss, Colwell Orchards (SO7642) 10.06.2009; A. distinctus, Euconulus fulvus ss, Cwmmau Moors SSSI (SO2851) 10.06.2000 all Keith Alexander
Worcestershire (VC37): Euconulus fulvus ss, E. alderi ss, Avon Valley SSSI (SO9142) 18.05.2010; Balea heydeni, Broadway (SP1037) 06.07.2010; Limacus flavus ss, Pipershill Common SSSI (SO958650) 10.10.2007 all Keith Alexander
Glamorgan (VC41): Balea heydeni, Kenfig Burrows (SS7981) 05.07.2009 Keith Alexander; Arion fasciatus, Aberbargoed (SO157005) 17.01.2010 C. Owen
Carmarthenshire (VC44): Balea heydeni, Carmel NNR (SN6016) 08.07.2009 Keith Alexander
Pembrokeshire (VC45): Balea perversa ss, North Cliff, Tenby (SN1301) 1897 A.G. Stubbs Conf A. Norris
Merionethshire (VC48): Balea heydeni, Torrent Walk (SH7518) 13.12.1990 C.R.C. Paul; Cochlicella barbara, Shell Island (SH5526) 4.2008 Carl & Craig Ruscoe, Conf A. Norris

Caernarvonshire (VC49): Arion subfuscus, Great Orme (SH769838) 21.05.2010; A. ater ss, Great Orme (SH753840) 22.05.2010; A. distinctus, Balea heydeni Bryn Pydew (SH818798) 23.05.2010; Lehmannia valentiana, Planorbis carinatus Bodnant Gardens (SH7972) 24.05,2010 all Conch Soc Meeting Det A. Norris

Anglesey (VC52): Balea heydeni, Cors Goch NNR (SH5081) 26.05.2010 Rosemary Hill
Leicestershire (VC55): Euconulus alderi ss, Lockington Marshes (SK4849) 16.03.2010 Keith Alexander
Nottinghamshire (VC56): Columella edentula ss, Sherwood Forest (SK6268) 23.09.2009; Limax cinereoniger, Sherwood Forest (SK5967) 12.08.2009 both Keith Alexander
Derbyshire (VC57): Balea perversa ss, Tideswell (SK1575) 06.08.1929 John Armitage, Conf. A. Norris; B. heydeni, Castleton (SK1582) 08.1910 George H. Taylor, Conf. A. Norris
West Lancashire (VC60): Balea heydeni, Bolton-le-Sands (SD4869) 05.2004 Carl Ruscoe
Mid-west Yorkshire (VC64): Balea perversa ss, Swindon (SD865540) 02.07.1978 L. Lloyd Evans, Conf. A. Norris
North-west Yorkshire (VC65); Stagnicola fusca, Kiplin Hall Lake (SE2797) 28.05.2010 A.Norris, Det. R. Carr.
South Northumberland (VC67): Euconulus fulvus ss, Whitley Bay (NZ3575) 07.07.2005 Keith Alexander
Westmorland with North Lancashire (VC69): Balea perversa ss, Grasmere (NY3307) 28.08.1932 Fred Taylor, Conf. A. Norris
Isle of Man (VC71): Balea perversa ss, Douglas (SC37) 06.09.1909 Fred Taylor, Conf. A. Norris; Balea heydeni, Douglas (SC37) 09.1880 Edward Collier Conf. A. Norris
Dumfriesshire (VC72): Arion silvaticus ss, Lochmaben (NY079833); Euconulus alderi ss, Lochmaben (NY08023) 11.05.2010 both A.T. Sumner
Kirkcudbrightshire (VC73): Deroceras panormitanum, Mid-Kilton (NX759601) S.J. Gregory; Arion ater ss, A. distinctus, Carlingwark Loch, Castle Douglas, (NX767615) 23.05.2007; A. circumsciptus ss, St Ninian’s Cave (NX431362) 27.05.2007; A. owenii, Gatehouse of Fleet (NX606561) 24.05.2007; Tandonia budapestensis, Creetown (NX475587) 28.05.2007; A. silvaticus ss, Euconulus alderi ss, Taliesin Community Wood (NX7955) 23.05.2010 all A.T. Sumner
Wigtownshire (VC74): Milax gagates, Garlieston (NX479461) 27.05.2007; Arion ater ss, A. distinctus, Whithorn (NX442396) 27.05.2007; Euconulus fulvus ss, (NW999552), Boettgerilla pallens, North of Lochans (NX069573) all 09.09.2010; Lehmannia valentiana, Drunmore (NX136367) 11.09.2010; A. ss, nr Auchneel (NX037625); Balea heydeni, Glenluce Viaduct (NX191573) all A.T. Sumner; Mysotella myosotis, Balcarry (NX191556) 15.09.2010; Cecilioides acicula, Barsalloch (NX341427) 16.09.2010; Pupilla muscorum, Shore Cottage (NX275492) 15.09.2010 all R.W. Marriott & B. Colville.
Lanarkshire (VC77): Balea heydeni, Fiddler Gill SSSI (NS8446) 16.08.2010 Keith Alexander
Peeblesshire (VC78): Acanthinula aculeata, Plora Wood (NT348366) 08.04.2010 A.T. Sumner
Selkirkshire (VC79): Balea perversa ss, Caddonfoot near Galashiels (NT4434) 09.1973 A. Norris
Roxburghshire (VC80): Arion owenii, Tweedbank (NT526347), A. flagellus, Nutwood, Melrose (NT548339) both 03.06.2010 A.T. Sumner
Berwickshire (VC81): Pupilla muscorum, Coldingham Bay (NT918663) 27.06.2010; Arion circumscriptus ss, A. silvaticus, Eyemouth (NT942636) 26.04.2010; Planorbis carinatus, Netherbyres, Eyemouth (NT943634) all 26.04.2010 A.T. Sumner
East Lothian (VC82): Euconulus fulvus ss, Aberlady (NT4680) 1995; Arion distinctus, Aberlady (NT465802) 1996, A. silvaticus, Aberlady (NT471801) 17.04.2008; Balea heydeni, Hailes (NT5775) 17.06.2007 A.T. Sumner Conf. A. Norris
Midlothian (VC83): Balea perversa ss, Duddingston Sandy, Edinburgh (NT2872) 09.1932 A.R. Waterston Conf. A. Norris; B. heydeni, Roslin (NT2763) 26.12. 2003 B. Colville
West Lothian (VC84): Arion flagellus, Linlithgow (NT0277) 02.08.2003 Chris du Feu; A. owenii, Bathgate (NS975690) 28.10.2010 A.T. Sumner
Fifeshire (VC85): Arion circumscriptus ss, Kinross (NO116033) A. ater ss, Loch Leven, Kinross (NO128024) 27.07.2010; Limacus maculatus, harlestown (NT069836) 21.09.2010; A. silvaticus, Town Loch, Dumfermline (NT102894) 22.04.2010 all A.T. Sumner
West Perthshire (VC87): Balea heydeni, Kippenrait Glen (NN8000) 17.08.2010 Keith Alexander.
Mid Perthshire (VC88): Balea heydeni, Aberfeldy (NN8649) 11.08.1969 E.B. Rands, Conf. A. Norris; Arion owenii, A. flagellus, Tyndrum (NN3230); A. ater ss, Tyndrum (NN343291); Boettgerilla pallens, Tyndrum (NN333287) 02.07.2010 all A.T. Sumner
Angus (VC90): Arion distinctus, Montrose (NO7157) 18.05.1992; A. ater ss, A. circumscriptus ss, Lehmannia valentiana, Trottick Ponds, Dundee (NO4033) 30.05.2010; A. distinctus, Balgavies Loch (NO531501) 27.03.2010; Limacus maculatus, Brechin (NO609596) 28.03.2010 all A.T. Sumner
Kincardineshire (VC91): Planorbis planorbis, Maryculter near Aberdeen (26.10.2010) S.P. Dance, Conf. A. Norris; Tandonia budapestensis, Boettgerilla pallens, Banchory (NO697952) 04.05.2005; Arion flagellus, Inverbervie (NO8372) 26.03.2010 all A.T. Sumner
Banffshire (VC94): Arion distinctus, Dufftown (NJ3240) 09.09.1989; A.T. Sumner; Balea perversa ss, Inchrory, Strath Avon near Tomintoul (NJ1805) 25.07.2003 B. Colville
West Inverness-shire (VC97): Arion distinctus; Fort William (NN0174) 19.05.1992 D.E. Bolton; A. owenii, Fort William (NN085768) 27.05.2002; Boettgerilla pallens, Silver Sands of Morar (NM676920) 04.07.2010; Euconulus fulvus ss, Corpach (NN085768); Tandonia budapestensis, Corpach (NN086768) 06.07.2010; A. ater ss, Corpach (NN096770) 04.07.2010 all A.T. Sumner
Kintyre (VC101): Balea heydeni, Keil Point (NR6707) 16.08.1970 E.B. Rands, Conf. A. Norris
South Ebudes (VC102): Balea heydeni, Bruichladdich, Islay (NR2660) 23.08.1970 E.B. Rands, Conf. A. Norris
West Ross (VC105): Balea heydeni, Poolewe (NG8680) 26.07.1968 E.B. Rands, Conf. A. Norris; Arion ater ss, Plockton (NG799332); A. distinctus, A. silvaticus, Deroceras panormitanum, Lehmannia valentiana, Plockton (NG805338) all 29.05.2010 A.T. Sumner
East Sutherland (107) Cochlicopa lubricella, Brora Beach (NC895029) 23.07.2010 Tony Wardhaugh
Waterford (H6): Stagnicola fusca, Fulaght Fia, Clonea (X305944) 11.06.2009 R. Anderson
Carlow (H13): Corbicula fluminea, R. Barrow, St Mullins (S72973778) 13.04.2010 P. Sweeney Conf. E. Moorkens.
Leix (H14): Pupilla pratensis, Clonaslee Eskers (N270122) 2008 E. Moorkens & I.J. Killeen, Conf. T. von Proschwitz
Dublin (H21): Cochlicella lubricella, Luttrellstown House (O0537) 23.09.1981 R. Anderson
Westmeath (H23): Zenobiella subrufescens, Whinning Wood, Portlick (N0548) 14.05.2010 Keith Alexander; Pupilla pratensis, Waterstown Lough (N101459) 2009 E. Moorkens & I.J. Killeen, Conf. T. von Proschwitz
Longford (H24): Balea heydeni, Cashel Wood (N0060), Zenobiella subrufescens, Culnagore Wood (N0258) 14.05.2010 Keith Alexander
Roscommon (H25): Balea heydeni, St John’s Wood NNR (N0055) 14.04.2010; Limax cinereoniger, St John’s Wood NNR (M9959) 09.06.2010; Oxychilus draparnaudi, Euconulus fulvus ss, St John’s Wood NNR (M9856) 10.05.2010 all Keith Alexander
Cavan (H30): Dreissena polymorpha, Killykeen Forest Park (H344065) 24.10.2010 R. Anderson