Non-Marine Recording – Activity and Highlights 2008

Adrian Norris

The highlight of the year was without doubt, the publication of the description of a new slug Selenochlamys ysbryda Rowson & Symondson, 2008. Recorded from an urban garden in Cardiff, Glamorgan (VC41) in September 2007, this remarkable new slug has already been noted at several other sites, both pre-dating and post-dating its publication in the Journal of Conchology. It has been recorded from Caerphilly in 2006 and Gorseinon in 2008, both of which are also in Glamorgan.

The occurrence of this remarkable genus in Britain is just the latest in a series of discoveries of introduced species which have been spreading rapidly throughout the British Isles. The reported introduction of this species may be a timely warning about the continuing dangers of global warming. The erratic weather patterns experienced in recent years may result in the spread of other less desirable species across long-established natural ecological barriers. Fortunately, all the species reported so far have been relatively harmless and pose no apparent threat to our native flora and fauna. We must all be vigilant, however, as the accidental or even deliberate introduction of species may bring diseases of man, animals or crops. If some of the more notable pest species cross long-established ecological barriers un-noticed and become well-established and thus difficult to eradicate, an ecological disaster, even if only on a small scale, could result. The rapid spread of such species as Hygromia cinctella, which has now reached as far north as Glasgow, and Boettgerilla pallens, which in less than 40 years has spread throughout Britain, even reaching as far north as Sutherlandshire, shows how fast even small species can spread given the right climatic conditions.

Over the past year, thanks to the co-operation of the two Irish recorders, Roy Anderson in Belfast and Evelyn Moorkens in Dublin, I have been working on updating the VC records for the 40 Irish vice-counties, particularly with respect to the segregate species within the larger Arion complex, as well as Balea, Euconulus, the Physidae and the brackish-water species. This has resulted in over 300 new VC records, which do not appear to have been reported previously. A further 22 English, 2 Welsh and 57 Scottish new VC records have also been added to the vice-county recording system. Work continues on the inputting of both old and new records into Recorder 6 and, since my last report to Council in the spring of 2008, I have added over 40,000 records into the database, which currently stands at over 90,000 records.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank both members and non-members for supplying records for the mapping scheme. Without their dedication to fieldwork and the accuracy of their identification and recording skills, the mapping scheme would be limited in its value to the wider community.

New VC Records 2008

EM = Evelyn Moorkens

GAH = G.A. Holyoak

IK = Ian Killeen

RA = Roy Anderson

South Devon (3): Theba pisana, Dawlish Warren (SX984790) 16.09.2008 David Bolton Conf. Mary Seddon

East Suffolk (25): Sphaerium nucleus, White Cast Marshes, Carlton Colville (TM507920) 28.05.2007 D.J. Howlett

East Norfolk (27): Sphaerium nucleus, Damgate Marshes, Acle (TG417098) 01.09.2006 D.J. Howlett; Stagnicola palustris seg., Hecklingham Marshes (TM391998) 03.08.2006 D.J. Howlett

West Norfolk (28): Acicula fusca, Potters Fen SSSI (TF884118) D.J. Howlett 10.08.2006, Vertigo angustior, Bradley Moor, Dereham TG013117 10.08.2006 D.J. Howlett

Cambridgeshire (29): Myxas glutinosa, Swaffham Bulbeck (TL5563) 1822, L. Jenyns (Bath Museum) Conf. R.C. Preece; Lehmannia valentiana, Papworth Everard (TL283633) 05.04.2006 Chris du Feu

West Gloucestershire (34): Paralaoma servilis Bristol (ST576721) 14.09.2008 T. Smith Conf. A. Norris; Arion rufus seg. Minchinhampton (ST8799) 08.2008 D. Robinson

Warwickshire (38): Hygromia cinctella, Birmingham, Eastside, River Rea site (SP081869) M. Bloxham 31.05.2008 Conf. A. Norris

Staffordshire (39): Limacus maculatus, Silverdale (SJ825462) 03.10.2008 J. Fleming Conf. A. Norris

Shropshire (40) Arion vulgaris, Market Drayton (SJ674345) 06.10.2008; Lehmannia valentiana, Stoke on Tern (SJ658273) 06.10.2008; Limacus maculatus, Child’s Ercall (SJ664250) 06.10.2008 all T. Crawford

Glamorgan (41): Selenochlamys ysbryda, Canton District, Cardiff (ST1676) 28.09.2007 B. Rawson & W.O.C. Symondson

Breconshire (42): Vertigo geyeri Craig y Ciliau NNR nr Llangattock, Powys. (SO193157) A. Godfrey 27.07.2007 Conf. A. Norris

West Lancashire (60): Hygromia cinctella, Salmsbury, Preston (in flood debris) (SD578297) 3.2004 Carl Ruscoe Conf. A. Norris

yorkshire, South-east (61): Musculium transversum, Physella acuta Thorngumbald Drain, Boreas Hill Farm Bridge, Paull. (TA186258) 02.02.2008 W.R. Dolling. Conf. A.Norris

yorkshire, North-west (65): Spermodea lamellata, Deepdale Wood nr Barnard Castle (NZ0216) T. Wardhaugh 20.04.2002

Durham (66): Lehmannia valentiana, Seaham (NZ430494) A. Norris 28.05.2008

Kirkcudbrightshire (73): Arion flagellus, Gatehouse of Fleet (NX606561) 24.05.2007; Boettgerilla pallens, Barhill Wood (NX687508) 25.05.2007 all A.T. Sumner; Cochlicella barbara, nr Monreith (NX3838) 15.06.2008 Mike Rutherford Det A. Norris

Wigtownshire (74): Kobeltia owenii, Oxychilus helveticus, St Ninian’s Cave (NX431366) 27.05.2007; Arion flagellus, Limacus maculatus, Garlieston (NX477462) 27.05.2007 all A.T. Sumner

Ayrshire (75): Kobeltia hortensis ss, K. distinctus, Dundonald Castle (NS3634) 15.09.2004, RA

Lanarkshire (77): Euconulus trochiformis, Leadhills (NS885145) 30.05.2007 A.T. Sumner; Hygromia cinctella, Glasgow (NS553671) 22.09.2008 Richard Weddle Det Mike Rutherford

Peeblesshire (78): Carinarion silvaticus, Kobeltia distinctus, Deroceras panormitanum, Euconulus fulvus ss, Lehmannia valentiana, Limacus maculatus, Tandonia sowerbyi, Jubilee Wood (NT255394) 12.08.2007 A.T.Sumner & B. Colville

Berwickshire (81): Arion ater ss, Arion rufus ss, Kobeltia distinctus, Boettgerilla pallens, Cochlicopa lubricella, Euconulus fulvus ss, Pease Dean (NT7970) 09.09.2007 A.T. Sumner

East Lothain (82): Succinea putris. Brock Wood, E. Lothian (NT660747)13.09.2008 A.T.Sumner Det. A. Norris

Stirling (86): Balea heydeni, Mugdock Castle Dunes (NS549771) 06.09.2008 Adrian Sumner

East Perthshire (89): Limacus maculatus, Pitlochry (NN939580) 16.08.2007 A.T. Sumner

Kincardineshire (91): Kobeltia distinctus, Stonehaven (NO863862) 28.03.2006 A.T. Sumner

Angus (90): Carinarion silvaticus, Camperdown Park, Dundee (NO3633) 14.09.2004 RA

South Aberdeenshire (92): Kobeltia distinctus Ruthrieston, Aberdeen (NJ927044) 29.03.2006 A.T. Sumner

Moray (95): Arion ater ss, Carinarion silvaticus, Strathnairn (NH683336) 09.06.2007 A.T. Sumner

East Inverness-shire (96): Arion ater ss, Kobeltia distinctus, Carrbridge (NH9022) 11.06.2007 A.T. Sumner

South Ebudes (102): Euconulus trochiformis (NR283414), Vallonia pulchella (NR305446),Valvata piscinalis (NR303447), Physa fontinalis, Gyraulus albus, Sphaerium corneum, Pisidium milium, (NR391683), Armiger crista (NR286729) all Isle of Islay, 07.2004 Martin Willing

East Ross (106): Boettgerilla pallens, Deroceras panormitanum, Tain (NH781822) 17.07.2007; Kobeltia distinctus, Strathpeffer (NH483583) 28.07.2007 both A.T. Sumner

Sutherland (107): Boettgerilla pallens, Helmsdale (ND027152) 22.07.2007 A.T. Sumner

Caithness (109): Arion ater ss, Kobeltia distinctus, Caithness (ND1944) 24.07.2007 A.T. Sumner; Cochlicopa lubricella Scrabster (ND099702) 26.07.2008 R.C. Preece

Orkney Island (111):Carinarion circumscriptus, Balea perversa, Kirbuster (HY282255) 04.08.2008; B. heydeni, Limacus maculatus, Melsetter, Hoy (ND270895) 31.07.2008; Kobeltia distinctus; Euconulus fulvus ss, Spermodea lamellata, Berriedale Wood, Hoy (HY203013) 27.07.2008; Stagnicola agg. Sanday, Orkney (HY688411) 03.08.2008 all R.C. Preece

South Kerry (H1): Otina ovata, Murreagh Point (V398779) 22.07.1989 Dr J.D. Nunn; Leucophytia bidentata, Portmagee (V400746) 18.04.1992 Dr S. Smith; Arion ater ss, Kobeltia distinctus, Rossbehy (V648909) 07.04.1996; Balea heydeni, Euconulus alderi, Derrynane House (V5358) 12.04.1996 all RA; Ventrosia ventrosa, Fenit (Q719157) 14.08.1996 Dr Brenda Healy; Hygromia cinctella nr Lough Caragh (V742913) 19.08.2004 R.C. Preece

North Kerry (H2): Ventrosia ventrosa, Drongawn L. (Q836497) 1996 Dr Brenda Healy; Arion ater ss, Connor Pass (Q480052) 08.04.1996, Carinarion silvaticus, Ross Castle, Killarney (V948884) 09.04.1996 RA; Testacella scutulum Killarney National Park (V958906) 14.04.2002 Martin Cawley; Gyraulus laevis, Kobeltia distinctus, Castlegregory (Q6115) 04.2003 EM; Vertigo pusilla, Beal Point (Q8948) 08.2003 EM & IK

West Cork (H3): Otina ovata, Spring Pool, Carrigathorna, Lough Hyne (W103270) 11.07.1975 Mr J.A. Kitching; Leucophytia bidentata, Whirlpool Cliff, Lough Hyne (W112284) 1980 Dr D. Minchin; Arion ater ss, White Strand, 2.5km SE of Ballinspittle (W610430) 14.07.2000; Balea heydeni, Sandy Cove, 3km S of Kinsale (W637468) 17.07.2000; Kobeltia distinctus, (W199779), Euconulus fulvus ss, (W200779), Cascade Wood, Ballyvourney 26.04.2007 all RA; Boettgerilla pallens, Glinny-Boulaling Mixed Farm (W6658) 05.2004 EM & IK

Mid Cork (H4): Leucophytia bidentata, Roches Point (W767609) 19.04.1995 Dr S. Smith; Ashfordia granulata, Garretstown (W6043) 28.03.1999, Planorbarius corneus, Acroloxus lacustris, Kinsale marsh (W65) 29.01.1999; Kobeltia distinctus, Blarney Castle (W601752) 10.07.2000; Arion ater ss, Courtaparteen (W635464) 16.07.2000; Testacella scutulum, 19.07.2000, Carinarion circumscriptus, 25.01.2002, Kobeltia hortensis 27.09.2006 Boolypatrick nr. Blarney (W605758); Carinarion silvaticus, Balea heydeni, Curraghbinny nr. Crosshaven (W793622) 20.07.2000; Semilimax pyrenaicus, Ballintemple (W710718) 25.01.2002 all RA; Physella acuta, Glinny-Boulaling Mixed Farm (W6759) 05.2004; Arion flagellus, Riverstick (W6759) 05.2004 all EM & IK; Arion rufus, River Lee at Cork City (W668716) 28.09.2006 RA

East Cork (H5): Leucophytia bidentata, Saleen (W871674) 1893 R.A. Phillips; Arion ater ss, Kobeltia distinctus, K. hortensis, Fota Wildlife Park, Foaty Island (W785707) 11.07.2000 all RA; Arion flagellus, Midleton (W8772) 06.2003 EM & IK

Waterford (H6): Otina ovata, Dunmore East (S689006) 18.04.1995 Dr S. Smith; Arion ater ss, Kobeltia hortensis, Tramore, gardens (S586018) 08.1990, Carinarion circumscriptus, Passage East (S682113) 23.08.1990 all RA

South Tipperary (H7): Arion ater ss, Longfordpass Bridge (S246606) Balea heydeni, Glengar Wood (R930186) 31.07.2005 RA

Limerick (H8): Vertigo moulinsiana, Vertigo angustior, Curragh Chase (R4148) 28.05.2005 EM; Dreissena polymorpha, Bunlicky Bridge, Ballincur Creek (R555556) 02.10.2008 RA

Clare (H9): Otina ovata, Fanore (M133070) 26.04.1979 Dr Brenda Healy; Arion ater ss, Finavarra (M264126) 11.05.1991 RA; Ventrosia ventrosa, Cloonconeen Point (Q836496) 1996 Dr Brenda Healy; Carinarion silvaticus, Pinnacle Well (M200094) 04.05.1996; Balea heydeni, Ballyallabanth (M222048) 06.05.1996; Kobeltia hortensis, Lehmannia valentiana, Lisheen House, New Quay (M282120) 28.09.2007 all RA; Dreissena polymorpha, Scarriff (R644840) 06.2001 D. Minchin & F. Lucy; Arion flagellus, Kobeltia distinctus, Doughmore (Q9969) 05.2004 EM

North Tipperary (H10): Kobeltia hortensis, K distinctus, Carinarion circumscriptus, Solsborough, Nenagh (R860790) 13.04.1996; Anisus vortex, Euconulus alderi, Portland Park Callows, R. Shannon (M883064) 23.05.2003 RA

Kilkenny (H11): Boettgerilla pallens, Ashfordia granulata, River Nore (S46) 07.07.1991 EM; Dreissena polymorpha, Graiguenamanagh (S709435) 06.2001 D. Minchin & F. Lucy

Wexford (H12): Leucophytia bidentata, Otina ovata, Carnsore Point (T120036) 06.1976; Ventrosia ventrosa, Lady's Island Lake (T009065) 1996 Dr Brenda Healy; Arion ater ss, Lady's Island Lake (T0805) 06.08.2001 RA

Carlow (H13): Dreissena polymorpha, Carlow (S716766) 06.2001 D. Minchin & F. Lucy; Arion ater ss, Whitemill Bridge, Clashavey River (S873627) 14.05.2003 RA

Leix (H14): Boettgerilla pallens, Ashfordia granulata, Durrow sq. (S47) 12.07.1991 EM

South-east Galway (H15): Ventrosia ventrosa, Bridge L. (M342128) 1996 Dr Brenda Healy; Myosotella denticulata, Carrowmore, Kilcolgan (M345181) 11.04.1997 Dr S. Smith; Arion ater ss, Friar's Island (M935134) 23.05.2003; Euconulus alderi, Pollnaknockaun Wood (M741016) 25.05.2003; Kobeltia hortensis, K distinctus, Carinarion circumscriptus, Balea heydeni, Zenobiella subrufescens, Garryland Wood (M414035) 23.09.2007; Dreissena polymorpha, Portumna Forest Park (M833026) 25.09.2007 all RA; Sphaerium nucleus, Cregaclare South Turlough (M476116) 14.03.2006 Dr C. Williams; Oxyloma sarsii, R. Shannon N of Banagher (N0029) 30.07.2004 GAH

West Galway (H16): Otina ovata, Ballyhowan (Bunnahawn) (L9920) 01.04.1978 Dr Brenda Healy; Ventrosia ventrosa, Lettermullen (L826213) 1990 Dr S. Smith; Arion ater ss, Barna House (M246230) 24.05.1997; Carinarion circumscriptus, Euconulus fulvus, Balea heydeni, Kylemore Lough (L7558) 22.04.1999 all GAH; Kobeltia distinctus, Ashfordia granulata, N of Galway (M301296) 10.2000 EM; Dreissena polymorpha, Lough Corrib (L9861) 06.2006 EM & IK

Offaly (H18): Carinarion fasciatus, Kobeltia distinctus, Charleville Estate (N3122) 11.2002 EM; Arion rufus, Carinarion circumscriptus, Euconulus fulvus, Charleville Wood (N3122) 24.05.2003 RA; Dreissena polymorpha, Grand Canal (N3525) 04.2003; Musculium lacustre, Grand Canal, Dangean (N447276) 03.2003; Pisidium moitessierianum, Grand Canal, Cartland Bridge (N598323) 03.2003 all EM & IK

Kildare (H19): Planorbarius corneus, Leixlip (N93) 22.02.2001; Zenobiella subrufescens, Rye water valley (N9937) 19.02.2002 EM & IK; Lehmannia valentiana, Newbridge (N808152) 08.2002 EM; Physella acuta, Ardclogh (N9326) 03.2003 EM; Euconulus fulvus, N of Castledermot (S7887) 14.05.2003 GAH; Arion rufus, Kobeltia distinctus, Hybla Wood (N700124) 13.04.1996; Arion ater ss, Euconulus alderi, Louisa Bridge, Royal Canal (N992368) 26.09.1981; Kobeltia hortensis, Balea heydeni, Newbridge Fen (N773155) 06.04.2002; Carinarion circumscriptus, C. silvaticus, Grand Canal near Sallins (N895235) 27.05.2006 all RA

Wicklow (H20): Boettgerilla pallens, Knocksink Wood (O21) 03.05.1988 EM; Anisus vortex, S. of Dublin (O2414) 18.05.1999; Milax gagates, Rossbeigh dunes (V646922) 07.04.1996; Arion ater ss, Little Sugarloaf (O258146) 23.03.2002; Arion rufus, Bray Head (O278174) & Carinarion silvaticus, (Arklow sands) (T252728) 23.10.2005; Deroceras agreste, Buckroney dunes (T295797) 22.10.2005; Kobeltia distinctus, Ashfordia granulata, Greystones (O293130) 26.08.2006; Balea heydeni, Powerscourt (O209163), 01.12.2007; Radix auricularia 18.02.2007, Lehmannia valentiana, Powerscourt (O212163) 15.03.2008 all RA

Dublin (H21): Leucophytia bidentata, Dublin Bay, Dublin (O264350) 1816 Mr W. Turton Conf. RA; Balea perversa, Golden Ball (D22) R.J. Welch 11.12.1910 Conf. RA; Ventrosia ventrosa, North Bull (O244371) 1975 Dr Brenda Healy; Arion rufus, Kobeltia hortensis, K. distinctus, Carinarion fasciatus, Euconulus fulvus, Luttrellstown House (O0537) 26.09.1981; Lehmannia valentiana, Portmarnock Strand (O246220) 24.04.1982; Arion ater ss, North Bull, Raheny (O224340) 30.08.1997; Physella acuta, Glasnevin Lily Pool (O153374) 15.01.2000; Oxychilus n. helveticus; R. Dodder, Orwell Rd. (O158297) 09.04.2002; Balea heydeni, Great Baily, Howth Head (O29523654) 17.02.2007 all RA; Pisidium pseudosphaerium, Royal Canal, Confey (O008370) 05.2003; Grand Canal, Herbert Place (O171331) 10.2003 both EM & IK; Arion flagellus, Zonitoides arboreus, Rathfarnham (O1328) 04.2004 EM

Meath (H22): Anodonta anatina, R. Nore, Blackshade Bridge (N6846) 29.08.1999 EM; Euconulus alderi, Mell Landfill Site (O075740) 14.09.1998; Arion ater ss, Clogher Head beach (O162838), Arion silvaticus Kells (N724772) both 25.03.2000; Arion distinctus, Kells (N7475) 12.08.2008, Sphaerium nucleus, Mell Landfill pond (O073758) 08.10.2008 all RA

Westmeath (H23): Pisidium henslowanum, Royal Canal, Kilpatrick Bridge (N407513) 05.2003; Musculium lacustre, Royal Canal, E of Mullingar (N448519) 05.2003; Pisidium moitessierianum, Royal Canal, Kilmore Bridge (N732415) 04.2003 all EM & IK; Arion flagellus, Vertigo moulinsiana, Lough Owel (N4256) 04.2004 EM

Longford (24): Arion ater, Carinarion circumscriptus, Ballymahon (N149559) 25.05.1991 RA

Roscommon (H25): Euconulus alderi, Annaghmore (M9084) 23.08.2001 RA; Ferrissia wautieri, Black Lough (M9586) 28.10.2006 EM & IK

East Mayo (26): Arion ater, A. rufus, Kobeltia distinctus, Rahans House (G238179) 2002 RA; Kobeltia hortensis, L. Carra (M1970) 15.10.2003; Euconulus fulvus Knockmore Bay, Lough Conn (G228081), Carinarion circumscriptus, Lough Mask, Inishcoog (M1361), Euconulus alderi, Lough Carra S of Muckloon (M1974), Balea heydeni, Keel Bridge (M167671), Myxas glutinosa , Inishhard, L. Mask (M126596) all 05.2003 GAH

West Mayo (H27): Leucophytia bidentata, Mullaranny (F834061) 28.07.1910 Mr N. Colgan; Ventrosia ventrosa, Shraigh Beach, Blacksod (F726269) 27.07.1995 Dr Brenda Healy; Myosotella myosotis, Moy Estuary (G248266) 17.09.1997 Dr S. Smith; Hydrobia neglecta, Leam Lough, The Mullet (F6527) 26.08.2000Dr J.D. Nunn Conf. RA; Euconulus alderi, E of Formoyle (G0522) 19.05.2003, Balea perversa Keem, Achill (F5504) 02.07.2003, Carinarian circumscriptus, Islandeady Lough (M0887) 28.09.2003 all GAH; Balea heydeni (L714851) 29.06.2002, Mesarion fuscus (L664860) 13.10.2002, Euconulus fulvus (L700869) 14.10.2002, Arion rufus, (L714853) & Kobeltia owenii (L697867) 14.10.2002, K. hortensis (L714852) 28.06.2002 all from Clare Island; Carinarion silvaticus Roonagh Pier (L745809) 12.10.2002; Kobeltia distinctus, Knockmore nr Foxford (G2208) 18.05.2003; Arion ater ss, nr Louisburgh (L831827) 28.06.2002 all RA; Gyraulus laevis, nr Kinnadooh (L7370) 08.1999 EM; Arion flagellus, Killary Harbour (L8463) 04.2004 EM & IK

Sligo (H28): Leucophytia bidentata, Strandhill beach (G602358) Mr R.J. Welch 1931; Myosotella myosotis, Ballysadare Bay (G6430) Dr D. Cotton 08.03.1995; Balea heydeni, Arion ater ss, Sriff Wood, Lough Gill (G7934) 03.08.2000; Kobeltia distinctus, Carinarion silvaticus, Cloverhill Lough (G673282) 18.07.2008 all RA; Dreissena polymorpha, Lough Key (G8206) 05.2001 D. Minchin & F. Lucy

Leitrim (29): Arion ater ss, Swiss Valley, Glencar (G7543) 28.07.1999; Kobeltia distinctus, Balea heydeni, Glencar (G7643) 25.07.2000; RA & GAH; Mesarion fuscus, Cloontyprughlish, Glenade (G770480) 16.08.2005 RA; Euconulus fulvus. E. alderi, North end of Glenade Lough (G8146) 2000; Carinarion circumscriptus, Garadice Park (H1911) 28.08.2000 all GAH

Cavan (30): Arion ater ss, Kobeltia distinctus, Carinarion silvaticus, Lough Ramor (N632835) 25.03.2000 RA; Balea heydeni, Euconulus fulvus

Virginia Woods (N5987), E, alderi Lough Oughter at Inishconnel (H3507) all13.08.2001; Anodonta anatina, Lough Oughter (H3406) 26.08.2001 all GAH

Monaghan (H32): Semilimax pyrenaicus, Lough Bawn (H7210) 11.08.2006 EM & IK

Fermanagh (H33): Euconulus fulvus, Ely Lodge Forest (H179516) 24.04.1976; Carychium minimum, Drumard, Tamlaght Bay (H269409), Carinarion circumscriptus, Castle Coole (H263417), C. silvaticus, Lattone Lough (G9945) all 04.1977; Arion ater ss, Kobeltia distinctus, Boa Island (H081620) 05.05.1995; Euconulus alderi, Upper Lough Erne (H366237) 31.03.1997; Tandonia sowerbyi, Hanging Rock (H109364) 23.05.2000; Oxychilus draparnaudi, Crom Castle (old) (H361245) 27.06.2000; Planorbarius corneus, Castle Lough (H399193) 06.06.2008; Sphaerium nucleus, Upper L. Erne (H395225) 12.06.2008; Bithynia leachii, L. Erne (H336311) 15.06.2008 all RA; Balea heydeni, S of Cladagh Bridge (H127356) 21.05.2000 GAH;

East Donegal (H34): Carinarion silvaticus, Cloghan (H0498) 30.05.1976; Euconulus fulvus, Glenmore Demesne (H1996) 23.09.1978; Carinarion circumscriptus, Castle Wray (C2114), Balea heydeni, Bogay House (C3516), both 09.12.1978; Zenobiella subrufescens, Ballybane Glen (C6345) 25.08.1979; Kobeltia distinctus, Whitefield (C4838) 12.05.1979; Physella gyrina, Harvey's Pt., L. Eske (G967846) 09.08.1997; Arion ater ss, Streedagh Estuary (G641506) 20.07.2008 all RA

West Donegal (H35): Otina ovata, Rosapenna (C1037) Mr W.J. Walker 1902; Balea heydeni, Horn Head (C026404) & Carinarion circumscriptus, Ards Forest Park (C050346) both 28.07.1974; Tandonia sowerbyi, Arranmore Island (B6815) 26.05.1976; Carinarion silvaticus, Lough Finn (B9001) 01.06.1976; Deroceras panormitanum, Gartan Lough (C0616) 28.05.1978; Milax gagates, nr Dunlewy (B9319) 23.08.1978; Lymnaea stagnalis, Loughan nr Ballyhiernan (C1943) 24.08.1978; Tandonia budapestensis, Fintragh House (G6876), Kobeltia distinctus, Rushen Park, Teelin Bay (G5877) both 04.08.1979; Myosotella myosotis, Magheraroarty (B8933) 01.09.1979; Arion ater ss, Maghery dunes (B7209) 13.09.1979; Euconulus fulvus, Corravaddy Forest (C155069) 11.06.1998 all RA; E. alderi, Sheskinmore Lough (G696959) 02.08.1999 GAH; Vertigo lilljeborgi, Procklis Lough (B936257) 06.2003 EM; Dreissena polymorpha, Donegal (G899605) 06.2001 D. Minchin & F. Lucy

Tyrone (36): Euconulus fulvus, nr Cookstown (H791806) 02.07.1974; Balea heydeni, Brantry Lough (H749534) 09.08.1974; Tandonia sowerbyi, Carinarion silvaticus, Lisdivin House (C375049) 30.10.1974; Tandonia budapestensis, Carinarion circumscriptus, Killyfaddy Lough (H518541) 23.11.1974; Milax gagates, Altgolan (H223760) 01.07.1978; Arion ater ss 25.04.1979, Kobeltia distinctus,03.04.1991 both Loughry Agricultural College (H818745); Euconulus alderi, Carinarion fasciatus, Strabane Glen ASSI (H3598) 01.03.1992; Kobeltia hortensis, Drum Manor Forest Park (H765774) 22.09.1994; Arion rufus, Crilly House (H696497) 29.11.2002; Anodonta anatina, L. Neagh (H954810) 08.05.1007 all RA

Armagh (37): Euconulus fulvus, Carinarion silvaticus, Argory Moss (H880578) 15.12.1974; Columella aspera, Clare Glen (J020455) 02.03.1975; Aplexa hypnorum, Brackagh Bog pools (J019509) 22.07.1977; Arion ater ss, Kobeltia hortensis, K. distinctus, Annagarriff NNR (H905614) 20.04.1991; Euconulus alderi, Outlack Bog (H905400) 17.03.1992; Succinella oblonga, Harper's Bridge Quarry (H676606) 03.06.1999; Arion rufus Mullabrack Parish Church (H958423) 28.11.2002; Balea heydeni, Loughgall Country Park (H903517) 15.04.2008 all RA; Kobeltia owenii, Marlacoo Lake (H982447) 15.08.2008 A. Norris

Down (38); Otina ovata, Ballymacormick Point (J532838) 28.01.1916; Balea perversa, Millisle Seafront (J5975) 21.09.1913 Mr A.W. Stelfox Conf. RA; Euconulus fulvus, Seaforde Demesne (J407427) 01.11.1973; Carinarion silvaticus, Bohill Wood (J397463) 02.11.1973; C. circumscriptus, Killynether Wood (J473721) 10.11.1973; C. fasciatus, SW of Kilkeel (J296132) 26.12.1973; Balea heydeni, Castleward (J577496) 18.02.1974; Arion ater ss, Kobeltia hortensis, K. distinctus, Ballywalter (J630678) 24.05.1986; Euconulus alderi, Carinarion owenii, Belvoir Forest (J335693) 27.03.1991; Arion rufus, Cairnshill (J355687) 15.06.1991; Arion vulgaris, Belvoir View Park, Belfast (J350694) 15.03.1992; Semilimax pyrenaicus, Belvoir Park (J333693) 02.01.1990; Hydrobia neglecta , Ann's Point, Strangford L. (J557688) 12.06.2001; Ventrosa ventrosia, Cadew Point Lagoon (J517634) 11.09.2001; Physella gyrina, New Quoile Bridge (J482457) 10.07.2004 all RA

Antrim (39): Leucophytia bidentata, Port Ganny, Giant's Causeway (C9444) Mr R.J. Welch 13.06.1931; Carinarion silvaticus, Portmuck Bay (D462023) 08.1973; Milax gagates, Garron Point (D298230) 17.11.1973; Balea heydeni, (J411995), Euconulus fulvus, (J408993) both Glynn Hill Woods 24.11.1973; Tandonia sowerbyi, Murlough Bay (D191425) 27.08.1974; Anisus vortex, M1 Bridge, R. Lagan (J295675) 15.02.1975; Limacus flavus, Belfast Botanic Gardens (J336724) 20.11.1975; Euconulus alderi, Arion ater ss, Kobeltia distinctus, Lagan Meadows (J335703) 07.11.1981; Arion rufus, Craigahullier Quarry (C882388) 09.07.1991; Hygromia cinctella, Hilden Court, Lisburn (J279655) 04.06.1999; Arion vulgaris, Riverside, Antrim (J151859) 06.06.2006; Kobeltia hortensis Muckamore, Antrim (J164853) 10.07.2006; Anodonta anatina, L. Neagh (J116713) 11.05.2007 all RA

Londonderry (40): Balea heydeni, Drumnacanon Bridge (C914043) 15.09.1966; Euconulus fulvus, Springhill Estate (H865827) 25.03.1973; E. alderi, Crumlin Cottage (H890776) 06.07.1974; Carinarion circumscriptus, Banagher Glen (C671049), C. silvaticus, Dungiven Priory (C6920820 both 24.07.1974; Arion ater ss, Hell's Hole, Binevenagh (C713323) 13.07.1991; Kobeltia distinctus, Maydown (C4720) 24.06.1991; Anodonta anatina, L. Neagh (H969901) 30.07.1992; Arion rufus, Portstewart (C7936) 19.07.1999; Oxychilus draparnaudi, Mountsandel, Coleraine (C848317) 14.03.2002 all RA; Vertigo geyeri, Kilcragagh, Moneyneany (H733996) 28.07.1999 GAH