Mollusc World 18

  • Editorial Ian Killeen
  • The Slugs of our Garden Mike Weideli
  • H.G. Barnacle (1849-1938) and G.A.S. Barnacle (1885-1980): father and son conchologists Peter Topley
  • Field meeting - Broadway Hill, Worcestershire: 5th April and 14th June 2008 Harry Green
  • Field meeting - Hunstanton July 2008 Steve Wilkinson
  • A pale-bodied Specimen of Zonitoides nitidus Adrian Sumner
  • Field meeting - Fermanagh 16 & 17 August 2008 Roy Anderson
  • Field meeting - The Forest of Dean 11-12 October 2008 David Long
  • Field meeting - North Wales September 2008 Jan Light
  • Malacolimax tenellus (O. F. Müller) in Nidderdale David Lindley
  • Geological excursion to the Isle of Wight, 20 April 2008 Ron Boyce
  • Colourblind taxonomy Elisabeth Dommergues, Jean-Louis Dommergues, Cyril Hugues Dommergues and Sebastian Payne
  • Lip colour polymorphism in Cepaea nemoralis Adele Grindon
  • Field meeting - Fens Pools, Brierley Hill, 28 June 2008 Ellen Pisolkar
  • Moors, Dales and Molluscs The Yorkshire Conchological Society Recorder’s Report for 2008 Adrian Norris

Hermaea bifida in North Wales (Peter Topley)

Malocolimax tenellus in Nidderdale (David Lindley)

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