Mollusc World 28

  • From the Hon. Editor Peter Topley
  • Five years of Scottish Canals Adrian Sumner
  • The many faces of Akera bullata Clive Craik
  • ‘On the spot’ questionnaire: Jan Light
  • British Shell Collectors’ Club events
  • Molluscan Graffiti Alex Menez
  • Survey of land snail diversity in limestone hills in Mfamosing, Nigeria Chris Oke
  • Anatomy of marine gastropods without dissection Ian Smith
  • Slugs of the British Isles: a new guide and screening Ben Rowson, Roy Anderson, Bill Symondson & James Turner
  • Pulteney and Papillifera papillaris Tom Walker
  • Molluscs on the money Peter Topley
  • Why I hate slugs Graham Saunders
  • Rabbit and snail paella June Chatfield
  • Oysters as cat food Kevin Brown
  • Slug caught in a mouse trap Andrew Fear
  • Extracts from some letters of A. E. Ellis Peter Topley
  • History from a shell artefact: the ‘Charles W. Morgan’ on a tiger cowry John Llewellyn-Jones
  • Mytilus edulis from deep water David McKay
  • The Celtic Sea Slug June Chatfield
  • Membership update
  • Diary of events

'Charles W. Morgan' on a tiger cowry - John Llewellyn-Jones


The Celtic Sea Slug - June Chatfield

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