Mollusc World 16

  • Editorial Ian Killeen
  • CSGBI regional meeting announcement Ben Rowson
  • Surveys in National Trust gardens Matthew Oates
  • Planorbis carinatus in Pembrokeshire J. Hudson
  • Changes in colour pattern in fossil Neritidae Malcolm Symonds
  • Unio tumidiformis: an endagered endemic species Reid & Araujo
  • Holbrook Millpond revisited Ian Killeen
  • Report from Rhosilli field meeting 2007 Celia Pain
  • Report from Suckley field meeting 2007 Rosemary Winnall
  • J. Davy Dean's portrait of the Zonitidae Ben Rowson
  • Report of Pease Dean field meeting 2007 Adrian Sumner
  • Molluscs in Roman art: archeology of Napes area Peter Topley
  • Early British records of Papillifera papillaris S. Peter Dance
  • Notes on the Sphaerium corneum group Ian Killeen
  • Inventaire National du Patrimoine Naturel Ian Killeen
  • Status of Lymnaea palustris complex in Britain and Ireland Ron Carr
  • Report of meeting on "Man and Molluscs" Adrian T. Sumner
  • Book review: Snail Trail Jane Bonney



Molluscs in Roman Art (Image © Peter Topley)

Sphaerium corneum group (Image © Ian Killeen)



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