Mollusc World 12

  • Editorial Ian Killeen
  • Land molluscs at Sandy Warren Peter Topley
  • Field visit to Greetwell Hollow and Whisby Nature Park Chris du Feu
  • Forms of Cepea hortensis collected by H.E.J. Biggs Peter Topley
  • Poem Liz Biles
  • Ted Phorson: A personal recollection Jan Light.
  • Another beachcomber's breakfast J.E. Llewellyn-Jones
  • An Australians perspective on land snails and slugs of Yorkshire Michael J. Murphy 
  • Loss of periostracum in living snails Adrian T. Sumner
  • Sinistral specimen of Euconulus alderi found at Malham Yorkshire. Adrian Norris
  • Field meeting Roxburghshire, Scottish Borders Adrian T. Sumner
  • Fanny M. Hele and the var. exalbida S. Peter Dance
  • Cockle Frock graces New Year Party Jan Light
  • Variation in Sphenia binghami Anna Holmes.
  • Ship-worm inspires Brunel S. Peter Dance.
  • Hygromia cinctella in Yorkshire. Adrain Norris.
  • Eobania vermiculata in the UK Adrian Norris
  • A history from a shell artifact J.E.Llewellyn-Jones

An Australians perspective (Photo M. Murphy)

Roxburghshire field meeting (Photo A. Sumner)

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