Mollusc World 23

  • Editorial Peter Topley
  • John Ray’s hermaphrodite snails Aydin Örstan
  • ARKive and mollusc imagery ARKive team
  • Granaria frumentum illyrica on Scilly Barry Colville and Adrian Norris
  • More localities for Hygromia cinctella Adrian Brokenshire
  • Book review: Land Snails of Russia and Adjacent Countries Robert Cameron
  • Field trip to Sherwood Forest area Chris du Feu
  • Coquilles in the Kitchen John Llewellyn-Jones
  • Regional meeting in Leeds Nov 2009 Terry Crawford
  • Helix lucorum in Wimbledon Phil Palmer
  • Non-marine recording report 2009 Adrian Norris
  • Marine Recorder's Report 2009 Jan Light
  • Poetical responses to “The Limpet”
  • Shells in unusual places Janet Sawyer
  • Treasurer's Report 2009 Nick Light
  • Rangia cuneata in Belgian Waters Adrian Brokwnshire
  • Down Memory Lane Janet Ridout Sharpe
  • On the spot David Long
  • Ormers and scallops - tale from Alderney John Glasgow
  • Book review: Shells Kevin Brown
  • Book review: Snail Kevin Brown
  • National survey in Ireland of Kerry Slug Rory McDonnell
  • Recording, collections and protected species Bas Payne

Field trip to Sherwood Forest area (Photo: Peter Topley)

Marine Recorders Report 2009 (Photo: Jason Gregory

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