Mollusc World 14

  • Guest editorial Mary Seddon
  • Molluscs & Misericords John Robinson
  • Calling all gardeners Chris Buckle
  • Assiminea grayana on the NW coast Simon Taylor
  • Treasurer’s Report 2006 Pryce Buckle
  • Ardingly field trip March 2007 Ron Boyce
  • Shell ornaments in the Palaeolithic Nick Barton
  • More news from South Yorkshire Robert Cameron
  • Papillifera papillaris in Britain Janet Ridout Sharpe
  • Balea heydeni in Sussex Robert Cameron
  • Snailing in western Bulgaria Peter Topley
  • Marine Recorder’s Report 2006 Jan Light
  • Mass Stranding of Lutraria lutraria Tom Clifton
  • Stoke Wood, April 2007 Caitlin and James Potter
  • New Zealand Native Flax Snail Adrian Norris
  • Pupilla muscorum under review Adrian Norris
  • Plans for River Lune Mussels Adrian Norris
  • Are litter snails rare this year? David Long
  • Zenobiella subrufescens: not just a old woodland species? David Long
  • Non-marine recording scheme Adrian Norris
  • Non-marine recording activity, 2006 Jan Light


Marine recorder's report (Image © B. Picton)

Report of Ardingly field trip (Image © Ron Boyce)

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