Mollusc World 13

  • Ammonites Phil Palmer
  • Pulmonates on Port St Mary ledges Steve Wilkinson
  • Papillifera papillaris in Gibraltar Alex Menez
  • No Shelling A. Peter Dance
  • Older than they look: Glycymeris on Israeli beaches  Bas Payne
  • Oil Spillage in the Menai Strait Tom Clifton
  • Traumas of retrieving Shipworms Tom Clifton
  • Mytilopsis leucophaeta in Britain Martin Gammell
  • Old snails, new names Adrian T. Sumner
  • The Burren Julia Nunn
  • Your data and the Society Steve Wilkinson
  • Report on Society review meeting Julia Nunn
  • Recorder's Report Geraldine Holyoak
  • Molluscs in South Florida Mike Rutherford
  • Pissidium lilljeborgii, Lake Gormire A.A. & M. Wardhaugh
  • Ruditapes philippinarum in the Fleet at Weymouth Adrian Brokenshire
  • Wimbledon Common June Chatfield
  • Non-marine BAP priority species review Martin Willing

Papillifera papillaris in Gibraltar

Older than they look: Glycymeris on Israeli beaches

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