Mollusc World - Issue 26

Mollusc World - Issue 26

Published in July 2011. Has 32 pages including colour photographs.


  • Images of Philine punctata Ian Smith
  • The homing instinct of Cornu aspersum Ruth Brooks
  • Clathrus confused Graham Saunders
  • Papillifera papillaris on Brownsea Island, Dorset Janet Ridout Sharpe
  • Sluggish (poem) Thora Whitehead
  • A sluggish reply from a limacophile Chris du Feu
  • Travels in Transylvania Beata Pokryszko and Robert Cameron
  • Tale of a snail trail Robin Robins
  • Testacella in the Garden June Chatfield
  • Marine Recorder’s report 2010 Jan Light
  • British Shell Collector’s Club meetings
  • Defining mollusc ‘habitats’ Keith Alexander
  • Snails in a Venice fish market Graham Long
  • “On the spot” questionnaire: Robert Cameron
  • Book review: The Book of Shells Kevin Brown
  • Scilly on the spot Ron Boyce
  • In Search of Big Eye Malcolm Symonds
  • Non-Marine Recorder’s report 2010 Adrian Norris
  • Observations on the marine bivalve fauna of the Farasan Islands, Saudi Arabia Torsten Wronski
  • Diary of events