Onchidoris sparsa. 7.5mm (longer when extended). 1: Ground colour pinkish, seen in lines dissecting brown pigment. 2: Pale lines alternate with dark blocks around periphery. Click “View image details” for 3 –8.

Submitted by Ian Smith on Mon, 02/01/2012 20:14
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I.F. Smith
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3: Pale tubercles coated translucent grey-brown, appear as pale spots outlined in grey on dorsum when viewed from directly above. 4: Lamellae on rhinophores dark, thick and widely spaced. 5: Gills translucent grey-brown with base colour distinct from adjacent mantle. 6: Tubercles grey-brown when viewed from side. 7: Black-brown tubercular processes within gill circle.8: Colour of area at rhinophore base distinct from adjacent mantle. Skaildaquoy, Holm, Orkney. March 1976.