Mollusc World 25

  • From the Hon. Editor Peter Topley
  • Arctica islandica Paul Butler
  • Helicodonta obvoluta in West Wood Winchester John Glasgow
  • Succinea oblonga in Finland Irene Routio
  • Book Review Natalie Yonow
  • Freshwater limpets on a water beetle R.J. Driscoll
  • Hygromia cinctella: how long has it been here? Adrian Brokenshire
  • Two thousand years of eating oysters in the UK: an archaeological perspective Jessica Winder
  • Truncatellina cylindrica alive, and gigantic, in Scotland Gordon Corbet
  • Regional Meeting: University Museum of Zoology, Cambridge Peter Topley
  • Field meeting: Molluscs of the northern Wey, Hampshire June Chatfield
  • Research Grant 2010
  • Shell Club meetings
  • The spider and the belemnite Phil Palmer
  • The Society’s Website: recent additions Pryce Buckle
  • Snailing in Dumfries and Galloway Adrian Sumner
  • A mystery radula trail Peter Mason
  • Finding Doto koenneckeri Ian Smith
  • Field meeting: The search for the Lemon Slug Rosemary Winnall
  • Scarborough BioBlitz 2011
  • Terry Wimbleton Kevin Brown
  • In praise of limpets June Chatfield
  • “On the spot” questionnaire: Nick Light
  • Mini book reviews Peter Topley
  • Diary of events

Searching for Lemon Slugs - Rosemary Winnall

Long lived bivalves - Paul Butler

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