Poem inspired by letters in MW11

Liz Biles

There once was a Person from Porlock

Who objected to shells gathered ad hoc

He preferred them to stay on the beach

So as to stay within easy reach

Of the rest of the holiday flock.


Or, with apologies to Bas, my 'epic' ....


It seems odd to leave this little island

Go half round the world and get to Thailand

And meet a Person from Porlock.

Bas was walking along the wave-washed strand

Seeking new treasures in the golden sand

When his serenity took a knock.

He's collected shells year upon year

From numerous places far and near,

But he's never been put in the dock

To answer the charge of spoiling pleasure for all

As he triumphantly homes with his molluscan haul

To add to his precious stock.

But the urge to collect is so strong

(The next tide will bring more along)

Perhaps if he hid by this rock,

Then, after dark he could creep

To the beach when all are asleep

And smuggle them home in his sock!