Mollusc World 21

  • Editorial Peter Topley
  • Letter from your President Bas Payne
  • Skye news Jan Light
  • Field meeting - Shell gravel from the River Lodden Janet Ridout Sharpe
  • Snailing in Georgia Robert Cameron, Beata Pokryszko, Levan Mumladze
  • Society activities in 2008 Rosemary Hill
  • Hon. Conservation Officer’s Report 2008 Martin Willing
  • Book review Channel Island Marine Molluscs Jan Light
  • Pearls: a quilting exhibition Caren Topley
  • Childrens book review - Snails Don’t Burp & Snail Park Jane Bonney
  • New research on snail slime Peter Topley
  • Communications
  • The limpet Peter Dance
  • Field meeting to Sandford Mill Ron Boyce
  • Launch of the new book Land and People Mike Allen
  • Hygromia cinctella Terry Wimbleton
  • Snails & slugs & churchyards Peter Topley
  • The snail in the amphitheatre Janet Ridout Sharpe
  • Hygromia cinctella - Still on the move. David Harfield & Adrian Brokenshire
  • Sea shells at the end of the Universe A.S. Naylor
  • Love darts of Common Garden Snails June Chatfield
  • Out Skerries shell sand Christine Street
  • Shell sand workshop Christine Street, Bas Payne, Jan Light

Field trip to Sandford Mill (photo Peter Topley)

Snails and slugs and Churchyard Tales (photo Peter Topley)

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